• FangKnightGarmore

    Straight from egg form: Kindlemon

    In-Training: Embermon- Attacks= Ember Blast, Blaze Crash

    Rookie: Blazemon- Attacks= Blazing Blade, Blaze Crash, Inferno Fist

    Champion: Infernidramon- Attacks= Inferno Fist, Blazing Blade, Fire Storm

    Ultimate: Metali-Infernidramon- Attacks= Knights Judgement, Hellfire Blaze, Hellfire Blade

    Mega: Omegainfernomon- Attacks= Blue Hellfire Inferno, Dragonfire Blade, Eternal Phoenix Fireblaze

    Armor Digivolutions:

    Courage: Blazibladedramon- Attacks= Fireblaze Blade, Dragonfire Crossbow, Dragonfire Blade

    Friendship: Sparkdramon- Attacks= Hellfires Judgement, Hellfires Storm, Thunderstorm Crossbow

    Golden: Magmamon- Attacks= Majestic Fireblaze Fist, Fireblaze Blade, Eternal Inferno Storm


    Infernogreymon- Attacks= Hellf…

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  • FangKnightGarmore

    Digimon Tamers United-(The next big online game all based on Digimon)


    Once was only a famed legend of a world not far from ours. We thought it was nothing until strange creatures started to cross over to our world. Now we need your help, join the fight and keep the creatures in their own world and help them solve the problems there. This is the Digital World, and the creatures are known as Digimon. Be friend as many Digimon as you would like and build your team you may also be able to spirit evolve or transform yourself into a Digimon Legendary Warrior. Meet many other tamers along the way and help one another. This will be your chance to save two worlds at once.


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