My Dream Digimon Partner: Blazemon

Straight from egg form: Kindlemon

In-Training: Embermon- Attacks= Ember Blast, Blaze Crash

Rookie: Blazemon- Attacks= Blazing Blade, Blaze Crash, Inferno Fist

Champion: Infernidramon- Attacks= Inferno Fist, Blazing Blade, Fire Storm

Ultimate: Metali-Infernidramon- Attacks= Knights Judgement, Hellfire Blaze, Hellfire Blade

Mega: Omegainfernomon- Attacks= Blue Hellfire Inferno, Dragonfire Blade, Eternal Phoenix Fireblaze

Armor Digivolutions:

Courage: Blazibladedramon- Attacks= Fireblaze Blade, Dragonfire Crossbow, Dragonfire Blade

Friendship: Sparkdramon- Attacks= Hellfires Judgement, Hellfires Storm, Thunderstorm Crossbow

Golden: Magmamon- Attacks= Majestic Fireblaze Fist, Fireblaze Blade, Eternal Inferno Storm


Infernogreymon- Attacks= Hellfire Crossbow, Hellfire Blast, Hellfire Sword Dance

Digi-Fusion: (under construction)

This would be my ultimate digimon partner and I would also be able to spirit evolve if you saw my idea on my online game Digimon Tamers United I would create Blazemon and all of these attacks this would be the ultimate digimon imagine a digimon of your own like this and post it as a comment I would like to see an online game with all the seasons abilities available and custimizable characters hope you enjoy!!

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