Digimon Tamers United-(The next big online game all based on Digimon)


    Once was only a famed legend of a world not far from ours. We thought it was nothing until strange creatures started to cross over to our world. Now we need your help, join the fight and keep the creatures in their own world and help them solve the problems there. This is the Digital World, and the creatures are known as Digimon. Be friend as many Digimon as you would like and build your team you may also be able to spirit evolve or transform yourself into a Digimon Legendary Warrior. Meet many other tamers along the way and help one another. This will be your chance to save two worlds at once. 


     I just have recently been playing a few of the Digimon downloadable games like Digimon Masters Online and I was not satisfied with it at all. It could have so much more and be so much better. So ideas naturally came rushing into my head like crazy and being that I don't have a lawyer, money, or the time to just make the game myself I decided to tell you guys. I am a huge fan of games with custimizable characters to make your character look like yourself not just pic some random character from the TV show that is just lame and annoying to players like me. I also noticed that they don't have many of the abilities from the other series of Digimon. My personal favorite is Digimon Frontier, who wouldn't want to have their character on an online game spirit evolve into a legendary warrior like Agunimon, or Lobomon? But not just have that ability they will also be able to bio-merge like in Digimon Tamers wouldn't that be legit to see. They could not only do all of that but have a digimon partner and not just limited choices. What if they could access any rookie level digimon and make that digimon their partner in the beginning so they can be their own person not be limited to a digimon that belonged to the character on the TV show? I also liked how in Digimon Masters Online that you could go to both the real world and digital world, and how you could capture more digimon and make them your partners as well. Every ability of every digivice can be used from armor digivolution to digi-fusion. Imagine that and possibly we can design our own digimon partners and name them what we want to get an even wider range of people playing. Plenty of people will love this idea but I don't know all the stuff to do to make it real and I am not even out of High School yet so help me out here I know this can be possible.

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