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    April 15, 2015 by FistoftheBeastKing

    There's something that I've been thinking about. Devimon, a Fallen Angel-type Digimon, is the Fallen Angel form/variation of Angemon, both Champion leveled digimon. Daemon, a Fallen Angel-type Digimon, is the Fallen Angel form/variation of Seraphimon, both Mega leveled digimon. So wouldn't a NeoDevimon, Ultimate leveled Fallen Angel, be the Fallen Angel form/variation of MagnaAngemon? And on that note, wouldn't a Tsukaimon be the evil/"Fallen Angel" (not technically a Fallen Angel but for this, let's say it is) of a Patamon? Patamon/Tsukaimon - Angemon/Devimon - MagnaAngemon/NeoDevimon - Seraphimon/Daemon

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  • FistoftheBeastKing

    Which Digimon would you like to see DNA digivolve and why? What would be the level, attacks, etc.? Would there be a second one (Ex: correct me if I'm wrong on this--Aquilamon + Gatomon DNA digivolve to Silphymon or Gatomon + Aquilamon DNA digivolve to Angewomon. I'm pretty sure that it says somewhere that Angewomon is a DNA digivlolution between Gatomon and Aquilamon even though Angewomon had Aquilamon traits.)

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