• Galaxyman83

    Digimon Ruby Fanfic

    December 11, 2013 by Galaxyman83

    1. DaFu arrives in the Digital World!

    DaFu and his classmates were attending a camp-out. DaFu was bored, so he went to Kari and Awu. "Hey guys," said DaFu. "Davis, do you mind?" said Awu. "We were talking." "C'mon," said Kari. "Seriously?!" shouted DaFu. "I'm outta here!" He ran as fast he could into the forest. He heard his classmates call his name, but he didin't listen. Suddenly, a strange divice appeared in his right hand! He then found a deck of cards in his left hand. "Whoa," DaFu said. Suddenly, a portal appeared before him! "AAAAAAAAAAHHH!" DaFu screamed. He woke up in a strange and small house. He looked in front of him and saw a girl and a strange creature beside her! "What the-" cried DaFu. "Who are you?" "My name name is Lunah… Read more >