Me as a terriermon

Terriermon is a Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Terrier dog breed. I am an extremely precious Rookie Digimon that is a twin to Lopmon(Leeds90). While I have only one horn growing from my head and I have a calm but robust personality, Lopmon(Leeds90) has three horns growing from her head and has the personality of a lonely crybaby.[3] I am a Digimon shrouded in mystery, and i can be classified as a Beast-species Digimon from my body structure, but i'm still not understood how i form changes throughout my Digivolution. Also, i am rumored that i am sometimes born with my twin. I'm a very cute type of Digimon, and from my calm behavior i don't seem like a "Combat Species", but when battling, i show that i am is more powerful than i appear.

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Landing!! I belong to willis and is a guy. Digimon Tamers Henry Wong Willis Digimon Battle Spirit Vs.Sukamon Digimon Frontier I was seen at the Autumn Leaf Fair. Digimon World 3 I am seen sleeping in Asuka Inn 2F. I mumble "Kerpymon" when woken. Digital Monster D-Project I am the Rookie form of the Cliff area Digimon World DS I am found in the Steamy Jungle and can digivolve into Gargomon depending on my stats. There is also me at Digi-Central who is the first Digimon you talk to in the game. Pt.1

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