Kapurimon RPG DemiVeemon RPG DemiDevimon RPG Veemon RPG Lillymon RPG
Pagumon RPG Biyomon RPG Hawkmon RPG Cherubimon (Good) RPG Antylamon (Data) RPG
Lopmon RPG Armadillomon RPG Upamon RPG Gargomon RPG Prairiemon RPG
Gummymon RPG Terriermon RPG Kokomon RPG Tokomon RPG Gatomon RPG
Wormmon RPG Minomon RPG Floramon RPG Hagurumon RPG Mushroomon RPG
Tentomon RPG Agumon RPG Renamon RPG Gabumon RPG Gigimon RPG
Viximon RPG Flamedramon RPG Gargoylemon RPG Palmon RPG Dorimon RPG
Penguinmon RPG Yuramon RPG Yokomon RPG x40px Impmon RPG
SkullSatamon RPG Beelzemon RPG Hopmon RPG Monodramon RPG Cyberdramon RPG
Cherubimon (Evil) RPG Rabbitmon RPG Oryxmon RPG Dorumon RPG Angewomon RPG
x40px Angemon RPG MagnaAngemon RPG Patamon RPG Salamon RPG
Nyaromon RPG Guilmon RPG Gomamon RPG Tsunomon RPG Justimon RPG
Devidramon RPG

Kapurimon: She's beautiful though she wears a mask. Her excitement uses happiness. She uses her attacks to fight.

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