I wanted to tell you a little bit about my self.

My name is Jason.

I have a learning disablity so you might have to explain things a lot more clearer to me so I understand what you are saying.

My favor Digimons are Gatormon Agumon Magnadramon

My hobbys deal with Digimon Pokemon Zelda Sonic Mario Yugioh

After the ending of the 1st Season many years ago I have been working on a small project on my own. A Digi-Dex Binder Its a Binder containing the following Data on EVER digimon in a Digimon Analyzer format (Season 1 and 2 versions)

Name Pic Level Attribute Type Attacks Pre-Forms Next Forms

Then a Page after the Analyzer page is a page list were the Digimon can be found

Such as which Anime, Manga, Video Game, V-Pet, and ect.

The Levels I counsider Official for my Dex is Fresh (Baby) In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Super Mega (I know the official term is Super Ultimate but I feel Super Mega is better) Armor (The Analyzer page also tells the Digi-Egg that is used.)

I have try to get all my info from Official sources but that has been hard same with Art work. The Binder is for my own personal use but it has taken me to many years to get it down. I had to start over a few years back because all the un printed Drigmon were lost when my computer crashed.

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