DarkPoisonDragomon was a forgotten digimon. DarkPoisondragomon often shrinks itself to the size of Halsemon. It can breathe poison and spray it from its claws and tail, or, instead of poison, it will spray a stench that is powerful enough to drive away or knock out even mega digimon. It is a God-Class digimon whose origins are in the mythical realm, but whenever it talks about its past, it says its father was an Aegisdramon. Its poison is fatal to everything, and its scales smell as bad as the smell it sprays. It is the most powerful digimon, but since it was forgotten, VictoryGreymon takes its place.

Attacks: Poison Spray, Nightmare Shroud, Claw Attack, Afterimage Strike (aka Shadow Dash)

Digivolves from:

PoisonDragomon (another forgotten digimon)

Digivolves into


Related Digimon WarDramon (Xros of MachineDramon and DarkPoisonDragomon

PoisonDragomon (To digivolve a poisondragomon you need 500 Virus Chips.)

To lure in digimon, DarkPoisondragomon will probably:

Seduce the digimon into letting its guard down... (NOT DONE)

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