So, I'm just a Dodomon. Just a stupid Dodomon. I have nothing to do. I was supposed to Digivolve within an hour of leaving my egg but its been 2 days and i haven't digivolved. Ugh. Right now, I'm walking through the woods, muttering to my self, complaining about not being able to digivolve. This is one of those times where (If you knew about what was happening) you could make a right guess on what would happen. So i bet you're thinking that suddenly I just digivolve for some reason. To that, I say NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. So, I'm done complaining to you through the story. I just walk down to the beach, lay down a bit by the water, let the waves wet me a little. Suddenly, when a wave washed over me, i felt something hard collide with my stomach. Like, really hard, almost like it wasn't something naturally made. And it certainly didn't FEEL like something natural. The last time I remember feeling this was when the last bunch of DigiDestined (A few just came and saved the world yesterday.) found me asleep in a bush. They picked me up and started talking to me, and their gloves were made of the same material of this, this THING. So now i bet your're thinking this is where I digivolve. And this is where I still refuse to believe that I will ever digivolve.


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