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Welcome to my GatomonRocks/KimeramonRocks digimon fanfiction station! Here, you can start your own story about digimon and DigiDestined! Just look for an empty slot to put your own story, or edit other stories! Rules: If editing someone else's story, do not add MAJOR changes to a storyline. If there are no empty slots, DO NOT delete other stories. Add a slot or message me.

Digital War Z By KimeramonRocks/GatomonRocks

"They're coming." I murmured to myself. I'm one of thousands of Botamon in this building who are sheltering from the infection that has turned millions of digimon into zombies. Each species of digimon has its own base. Right now, I'm still a Botamon. I hope I don't digivolve right now. I'm in Sector A79 by myself. Its a hidden bunker with walls reinforced with 55 layers of diamond and 1 layer of titanium. You can only get into this sector. Once you activate the lock, you can't get in or out. Luckily, there are supplies, security cams, and security cam footage all over the sector. I've just grabbed a digibyte shrub with Hypergrow bytes. Now, the tree makes tons of digibytes! I'm also just sitting in front of a TV showing security cam footage at the very edge of the sector. "WHAT THE FREAK?! HOW DID THEY GET IN THAT FAST?!" I said as an army of infected Aruraumon burst through the walls of Sector Z14 and started infecting a lot of Botamon. I walked up and shut off the TV. I walked back to the entrance to the Sector and clicked the lock so that I couldn't get out and nobody could get in. "Trust nobody." I said. To be continued...

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