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July 19, 2014
  • Levelluna22

    Her only appearance was in the digimon Adventure episode home away from home. Tai and koromon thought she was a data illusion she ends up crying causing Tai and Koromon to escape.

    years after digimon adventure she is never shown again even in flashbacks.

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  • Levelluna22

    There could be digimon base on tv characters because tv data is fused with digimon data.

    Zimon (baby/fresh) -> Zibimon (in-training form)-> Zimmon (rookie) -> irkbeetlemon (champion) eliteirkbeetlemon (ultimate) Slashirkmon (mega)

    smallspongemon (in traning form) -> spongemon (rookie) -> sea coralmon (champion)

    Dipamon (rookie) -> powmon (champion) Mablemon (rookie) -> rainbomon (champion)

    Gazemon (rookie) -> ClawGazemon (champion)

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