Digimon - The Battle of the Digital World

Prologue Ever since the Hunters finished all the evil, something started growing again in the Digi World. "La La La La, hmmm what is that?" - Cutemon asked "What do you see, Cutemon"? - Patamon said "It's becoming dark again, but it's not the nightime dark" Cutemon said "Uh oh.. We have to warn the Legendary Digimon" Patamon said "Right" Cutemon said - After running all the way to the kingdom, they made it there with no trouble - "It's back" both Cutemon and Patamon said "Are you sure?" the Legendary Digimon asked "We're positive, what do you we do?" Cutemon and Patamon asked and answered as well "Bring back the humans" the Legendary Digimon said

Day 1

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