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  • Lvdoomien

    Asta Mafia

    March 8, 2011 by Lvdoomien

    These are the members of the Asta Mafia, the rival army of Baji Jiba.

    Astamon = Astamon is the leader and "don" of the Asta Mafia. He recruits all kinds of strong digimon into his army to fight for him and to help him be on top of the Digital Underworld. He is the self-proclaimed rival to Robert and his army. Astamon's goal is to capture all 48 Code Crowns of the new digital world so he can make the world into his own black market.

    Etemon = Etemon is the second-in-command to Astamon and is a powerful warrior. He is able to yell into his microphone and create a powerful circular soundwave that destroys whatever it hits. With his bodyguard WaruMonzaemon he is an unstoppable foe.

    WaruMonzaemon = WaruMonzaemon is the bodyguard to Etemon. WaruMonzae…

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  • Lvdoomien

    Baji Jiba

    March 6, 2011 by Lvdoomien

    These are the members of Baji Jiba, the protagonist of my fan fiction's army

    Robert = The leader of Baji Jiba who is also the Demon Lord of Wrath but is able to control himself and use his powers for good. Since he is half digimon he can DigiXros. When Robert becomes extremely enraged he turns into Robert Ruin Mode, which is known as his "True Form" since it is when he loses control of Daemon's soul and it takes him over.

    Kotemon = One of the main warriors and first member of Baji Jiba who joined Baji Jiba because he was taken in by Robert when he was being bullied by some other Rookie level digimon. After Robert made the other digimon leave him alone he started following Robert until eventually Robert let him join Baji Jiba.

    Thundermon = A sma…

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