So, I was thinking of doing a let's play as Kiiro, the main protagonist for Digimon V-Fight. it would be for Cyber sleuth, and Aguro would appear as an Agumon with a differing Digivolution Line, but I think It would be cool!



Fresh In-Training Agumon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega Mega/Burst Mode
Botamon b
Koromon b
Agumon (Cyber Sleuth) b
GeoGreymon b
RizeGreymon b
ShineGreymon b
ShineGreymon Burst Mode b


Fresh In-Training Terriermon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega
Punimon b
Nyaromon b
Terriermon dscs
Gargomon b

Gatomon b
Rapidmon b

Silphymon b
MegaGargomon b

Dynasmon b


Fresh In-Training Dorumon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega
Botamon b
Wanyamon b
Dorumon b
Dorugamon b
DoruGreymon b
Examon b


Fresh In-Training Wormmon (Rookie) Champion Ultimate Mega
Pabumon b
Yokomon b
Wormmon b
Waspmon b
CannonBeemon b
TigerVespamon b

Characters that aren't actually in the real game


Main article: Imperius

Imperius is effectively the most powerful Tamer in all of the series, and has the most powerful team, too. with his Digimon all at max level, Kiiro will have a tough time beating him when he shows up...



Paladin is Imperius' main Partner Digimon, and also the last one you have to beat. Compared to Paladin, Chaos, who is supremely broken compared to the others, is a weak, clawless kitten! With his stats being at the max possible in the game, he is practically immortal, and will one-shot any Digimon that isn't a maxed-out Mega level.

Fresh: Vee, Sting In-Training: Vee, Sting Rookie: Vee, Sting Champion: Vee, Sting Ultimate: Paladin (DNA Digivolution between Vee & Sting) Mega: Paladin Mode Change: Paladin Ultra: Paladin (With the Omni Sword, from Imperialdramon Dragon Mode)
Punimon b

Pabumon b
Tsunomon b

Motimon b
Veemon b

Tentomon b
ExVeemon b

Stingmon b
Paildramon b
Imperialdramon Dragon Mode b
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode b
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode b


Fresh: Darkdra, Bantyo In-Training: Darkdra, Bantyo Rookie: Darkdra, Bantyo Champion: Darkdra, Bantyo Ultimate: Darkdra, Bantyo Mega: Darkdra, Bantyo Ultra: Chaos (DNA Digivolution)
Pabumon b

Botamon b
Motimon b

Wanyamon b
Gotsumon b

Gaomon b
Tankmon b

Leomon b
Gigadramon b

GrapLeomon b
Darkdramon b

BanchoLeomon b
Chaosmon b


Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Mega/Burst Mode
Poyomon b
Tokomon b
Falcomon (2006 anime) b
Peckmon b
Crowmon b
Ravemon b
Ravemon Burst Mode b


Fresh In-Training Rookie Ultimate Ultra
Poyomon b
Tokomon b
Lucemon b
Lucemon Chaos Mode b 2
Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b