So, you know how this wiki allows you to create fan articles? I've been seeing some fan articles that have been bugging me a little. Some people don't seem to know how to make a good one. Now, I'm not an expert, nor am I saying that it's those people's faults (they most likely don't know any better), I just wanted to contribute with what I've learned over my time on this wiki: 1. when making a new article (Fan or otherwise) use templates! They're in there to make it easier. In case you don't know how, you click on the little button that says insert, then click on template when it shows up. it'll take you to a list of different templates. 2. Use the right template for the right kind of article. if the article is about basic information on a Fan made Digimon species, use the fan digimon infobox template. if it's a fan character who's a digimon, use the fan digimon character infobox. if it's a fan character who's either human or something else, use a fan character infobox (the last two are pretty much the same as far as i can tell, but just in case, use them seperately). 3. use links to digivoved of prior forms. in an infobox, it's a little more complicated then pressing ctrl+k or highlighting what you want then clicking the link button, but it's still pretty simple. here's how you do it: two of these on the left; [, Fan:(Name of the digimon the link is for)|(Name of the digimon the link is for) in the middle (note: the part where the digimon's name is put in again without the Fan: is so the Fan: part won't show up), and two of these on the right; ]. that's pretty much it! --I AM THE KING OF AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T GET IN MA WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:03, June 2, 2017 (UTC)

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