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  • I live in England, UK
  • I was born on September 9
  • I am Male
  • MetaljohnmonX2

    Hey, everyone!

    So, I'm from England and I've recently taken an interest in the Digimon CCG. I've loved Digimon since I was a kid but have never really focused on it. From my experience in the TCG area (I also play Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon when I'm in the mood) it seems that no one in the UK seems to take much notice of the Digimon CCG. I've recently started talking to friends about getting into the card game and they've been up for it and I was just wondering if anybody else in the UK plays? Also, if not, do you think it has potential to become as popular as the Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon card games?

    Any help or advice is appreciated,


    P.S. I've provided a picture of a card from the specific Digimon card game I'm talking about -

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