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    [RYLAN holds PATAMON, and ALYSSA holds GATOMON, and they giggle.]

    Rylan: Hey! Let’s play a game with the baby Digimon!

    Alyssa: Okay!

    [On the cliff above stands LEOMON, corrupted by the Black Gears.]

    Leomon: I’m obliged to obey your command, Devimon.

    [He rips his sword from its sheath. All the baby DIGIMON in front of RYLAN, ALYSSA, GATOMON, and PATAMON have scared faces.]

    Rylan: Okay, so you don’t wanna play any games.

    [PATAMON turns his head.]

    Patamon: Leomon’s come back!

    Rylan: Huh?

    [He turns and sees LEOMON, who runs down the cliff side with sword in hand.]

    Patamon: Boom Bubble!

    Gatomon: Lightning Paw!

    [LEOMON is hit and stops on the wall.]

    Patamon: We’ve got to get outta here!

    Rylan: Yeah!

    [They turn and run. LEOMON walks in the trees searching for hi…

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    Chapter 12: DigiBaby Boom

    October 2, 2013 by Mgoff92

    [RYLAN and PATAMON are in a bed flying over a waterfall]

    Rylan and Patamon: Wahhh!

    Rylan: This is totally no fair. What’s happening Patamon?

    [They land in the water]

    Rylan: Where is everybody? Just when I think this place is the bomb, it all goes creepy on me again.

    [PATAMON flies RYLAN out of the water, holding him by his underwear.]

    Rylan: Sure would be awful without Patamon.

    [Meanwhile, on top of Infinity Mountain]

    Devimon: You have failed me.

    Leomon: I’m sorry, Master.

    Ogremon: We almost had them, Devimon, and then…

    [DEVIMON picks OGREMON up by the throat]

    Ogremon: [chokes] No, wait. I can explain…

    Devimon: Spare me your excuses.

    Ogremon: Yes master please, please just put me down.

    [DEVIMON releases his grip on OGREMON.]

    Ogremon: Thank you, Master.


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    [Somewhere floating on the water is MICHAEL and GOMAMON on MICHAEL’s bed and MICHAEL is hanging over the front.]

    Michael: There’s one thing I’ve learned in Digi-World, beds don’t make good boats.

    [He turns around and sees GOMAMON eating.]

    Michael: Uh!

    [GOMAMON pops some food into his mouth.]

    Michael: What!?

    [He hops to his bag.]

    Michael: Did I just hear you eating again?!

    Gomamon: Mm hm.

    Michael: Didn’t I tell you not to eat all the food since we don’t know when we’ll find land?! I told you that we’d need to ration which means to save food for later, as in much later!

    Gomamon: But it is later, Michael. You told me that twenty minutes ago.

    [MICHAEL grabs GOMAMON and starts shaking him.]

    Michael: Twenty minutes is not much later! Please tell me that the…

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  • Mgoff92

    [BEN’s bed is flying down to an island.]

    Ben: Whoa! Tentomon I would say we’re traveling at a very high speed plummeting toward an unidentified island. And uh, crash landing is imminent.

    Tentomon: Try to think of it as if we’re just hitting the beach.

    [In the sky over the second island, AFTON and PALMON fly down on their bed, yelling and they crash into the forest.]

    Afton: Ooh, now that should be good for some frequent flyer miles.

    [Later AFTON is dressed and it’s morning.]

    Palmon: Are you alright Afton?

    Afton: Oh no, humidity.

    Palmon: Yeah, some kind of tropical rain forest but not one I’m familiar with, it all happened so fast. Where are we?

    Afton: Have you any idea what humidity does to my hair?

    Palmon: Hm?

    Afton: It goes like all poodley, not a p…

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    Joe: Thanks to that creep, Devimon, File Island broke up and all us kids got separated. Now, he’s up there in his castle on Infinity Mountain, and I hate to think what horrible things he’s planning next!

    [DEVIMON is in a dark, gothic-looking room in his castle, laughing. LEOMON and OGREMON are in the room as well.]

    Devimon: Now that they’re on their own, those little intruders will meet their doom. Nothing can stand in my way. The DigiDestined don’t have a chance. Now fly, my Black Gears, fly!

    [JOE and AGUMON are floating on a sheet of ice in the middle of a seemingly endless sea.]

    Agumon: Joe, it’s cold, I’m hungry, and I wish we were on solid ground.

    Joe: It looks like you’re about to get your wish. But next time, be careful of what you wish …

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