[KIDS and DIGIMON are shown walking in sewer]

Joe: Ok, everybody, let’s sing the song that Agumon wrote for us!

All: Digimon eat and Digimon fight, Digimon Digivolve and fight all night.

Palmon: Singing sure is fun!

Agumon: Now let’s try some solo performances, starting with Afton.

[KIDS stop walking and make faces.]

Joe: Afton?

Amree: Afton?

Jaren: Singing?

Michael: Mercy!

[AFTON, delighted, closes her eyes, and begins to sing rather badly…]

Afton: Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roooooooam!

Michael [sings]: Avoiding your drone!

Afton: Hey, come on, I had music lessons for three years.

Rylan [innocently]: Oh you did? Did it help?

Ben: Hey, Afton, you should get a refund, that’s what I think.

Alyssa: Be nice, guys.

Amree: Then let’s sing as a group!

Joe: Let’s go!

[The KIDS all begin to march and sing]

All: Digimon fight and Digimon fly, Digimon Digivolve an—

Amree: Ahh! Stop it!

[Everyone abruptly stops, AMREE starts crying.]

Biyomon and Agumon [worriedly]: Awwww…

Joe: Amree, are you all right?

Jaren: Yeah, what’s the matter?

Amree: Well, some water fell from up there…

[Another drop of water falls from the ceiling and onto her shirt.]

Ben: [points to the wet spot on AMREE’s shirt] That made you scream?

Amree: Yeah…no…uh…

[AMREE sheepishly wipes off water as JOE and the others look on worriedly.]

Amree: I used to sing at home.


[A very long clothes line is shown, with lots of white clothes pinned on. AMREE later appears, pinning up the clothes]

Amree: I used to sing to myself all the time when I would do my chores, especially when I’d hang clothes to dry outside, I’d sing really loud ‘cause…nobody could hear me then.

[AMREE’s eyes water]

Agumon: It’s ok to miss your home, Amree. What do you miss, Joe?

Joe: Hmm? [Shows JOE taking a bath] I miss playing sports and then taking a nice hot bath.

[Shows JOE leaning back in the tub too far, losing his balance, and falling back in the water with a yell.]

Rylan: Games…my games…[show RYLAN playing video games] I wasn’t far from beating Jaren on my video games.

Jaren: [crouches and grins] Beating me Rylan? Gee I don’t think so. Maybe in your dreams, kiddo, hahahaha!

[Meanwhile, RYLAN is pretending to play games with a blank expression, lost in his own world. JAREN continues laughing, over his laughing AGUMON speaks]

Agumon: So you don’t miss anything from home, Jaren?

[JAREN instantly turns serious]

Jaren: Well, actually, now that you mention it…I’ve…been dreaming about Sundays…[shows grill with sizzling meat]…when my dad cooked steaks! Mmmm! Makes my mouth water!

Michael: [pushes up glasses] I miss doing my homework. If I fall too far behind I might have to go to a—junior college!

Afton: I don’t miss school…but I do miss going on vacation, mm! [shows AFTON removing her hat on a clear sunny day on the beach, drinking from a bottle of coke as seagulls soar in the sky]

Afton: Nothing beats having a cool drink on a summer day at the beach! I just love the ocean air!

Rylan: Wow, that sounds like fun, Afton!

Afton: It is!

Alyssa: I miss being in musicals and performing on stage.

[Show ALYSSA on a stage singing.]

Gatomon: Lyss, that sounds fun!

Ben [irritated and impatient]: Get a grip! I miss accessing satellites to look at the stars and planets.

All: [sigh, depressed.]

Agumon: They really do come from another world!

Gabumon: That is why they are depressed.

Gomamon: Poor kids.

[Show dark tunnel, noises]

Tentomon: Quiet! Listen everyone!

Afton: Ee-yuck!

Gabumon: Numemon…

Jaren: Numemon?

Gomamon: They’re really disgusting Digimon who live down here in the sewers.

Joe: That’s gross!

Gatomon: And so are they.

Rylan: Are they really strong?

Agumon: No, they’re weak, but smelly, just wait till they get closer!

Michael: Then what do you say we leave? Or, am I the only one who doesn’t want to get stomped by stinky sewer-dwellers?

[PATAMON and GATOMON make a noise of fear. Show a mass of NUMEMON approaching from farther down the tunnel]

Agumon: And there are so many of them…

[NUMEMON are quickly approaching at this point]

Agumon: [alarmed] Hurry, RUN!!

Joe: If they’re not strong why do we have to run from them?

Agumon: You’ll see! Keep running!

A Numemon: Let ‘em have it!

[NUMEMON are in hot pursuit and start flinging gross pink sludge at the KIDS and DIGIMON]

Palmon: These sewer-dwelling Numemon were like totally hygiene-deficient. They love throwing Nume Sludge at you…and they have bad breath, too!

[KIDS running for dear life]

Gabumon: Let’s keep moving!

[Sludge splats on the wall]

Afton: Ehhhhh!!!

[Absolute confusion follows, hard to make everything out]

Michael: We gotta get outta here!

Amree: Move it, move it!

Ben: Get going!

Joe: Run!

Rylan: Hey! [skids to a stop in front of a tunnel exit] This way!

[KIDS madly dash in, panting, and keep running; the NUMEMON follow. The DIGIDESTINED and their DIGIMON make it outside in the bright sunlight and sigh with relief. The NUMEMON, once seeing the sunlight, scream, stop, and immediately retreat.]

Alyssa: Huh?

Gatomon: The only thing that’s able to drive ‘em away is the sunshine!

Alyssa: Phew!

Afton: Thank goodness!

[Shows the group walking. They come across a field of vending machines. Panting, they then gasp in surprise.]

Gatomon: Vending machines?

Afton: There must be thousands of them!

Michael: I’d say under a hundred.

Ben: Or…maybe just fifty.

Rylan: How did they get there?

Afton: I bet there’s enough snacks to last us a lifetime…at least.

Joe: Afton, they probably don’t work. Don’t you remember the phone booths?

Palmon: Hey that could be, I bet it’s a trick, Afton.

[AFTON runs down toward vending machines, laughing excitedly and leaving everyone behind.]

Afton: I won’t accept that!

Palmon: Oh—Afton!

Michael: [shouting after her] Even if they’re real, you know they’re not plugged in!

Joe: Afton—!

Amree: You can’t stop her…she’s so stubborn.

[After browsing, AFTON chooses a machine]

Afton: Yay, soda. You want one?

Palmon: No, I don’t!

Afton: You don’t have to bite my head off. Hmm…mmm hmm!

[AFTON inserts a coin and the whole front of the vending machine slams down to the ground. PALMON and AFTON let out a yell and run out of the way. A NUMEMON is inside]

Numemon Leader: Hey, cutie pie, haha!

Palmon: It’s their leader.

Afton: Their leader?! He couldn’t lead a pack of show poodles, even with his doggie breath!

Numemon Leader: Hey let me take you out on a date.

Palmon: I think he likes you. It’s gotta be the hat.

Afton: What? What are you thinking? I wouldn’t go near that short, slimy, sewer-sliding sludge-slinger!!

Palmon: Afton, you’ll make him mad.

Afton: Who cares! Besides, we’re safe in the sunlight—

[Thunder is heard, clouds roll across the sky towards the sun]

Palmon: Huh?

Palmon and Afton: Uh oh…

Afton: Um…we were!

Numemon Leader: How dare you call me short? The date’s off!

[NUMEMON LEADER throws sludge, AFTON and PALMON yell.]

Palmon: Not again!

Afton: Run!

Numemon Leader: Party time!

[More NUMEMON come out from vending machines to join in with the fight.]

All the others: Ahhhhh!!!

Afton and Palmon: [run like crazy toward the others] Ahhhhh!!!

Amree: How did they get here?

Afton: [running by] Who cares, run, run!

[AMREE, JOE, and AGUMON, who had just been standing around gaping, gasp and start running with the others.]

Joe: Run!

Ben: Ahhh!!

Jaren: All right, everybody, let’s split up!

Joe: Yeah!

All: [pant and run]

[Shows AFTON and PALMON being chased by three NUMEMON, including the LEADER]

Numemon Leader: Heartbreaker! [hurls sludge at them, PALMON and AFTON run behind trees] Pelt her!!

[PALMON slides out from behind the trees threateningly]

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

[The three NUMEMON stop, holler, and then make a hasty retreat.]

Palmon: Wha??

Afton: Palmon! Thank you!

Palmon: But Afton-? I didn’t do anything, why’d they run?

[The answer to this becomes quite apparent, as huge, thick, yellow legs stop behind them with a loud thud. PALMON and AFTON let out a cry and run out of the way.]

Palmon: It’s Monzaemon!

Monzaemon: Come visit us at Toy Town.

Palmon: Monzaemon looked like a cute big ol’ teddy bear—but he wasn’t very cuddly.

Afton: Uh, Palmon? Is he a Digimon, too?

Palmon: Yes. He’s in charge of a special place called Toy Town. Toy Town is a place where he takes care of all the abandoned Digimon toys. And those toys love him.

Afton: Well, he looks harmless…

Palmon: He always has been.

Monzaemon: I must say, so pleased to make your acquaintance.

[Show a view looking down on the treetops of the forest area they are in. An explosion blasts a huge cloud of dust and smoke into the air. Then shows the normal view, with PALMON and AFTON running—again]

Afton: Wait! He’s attacking us!

Palmon [sarcastically]: You think?

[Laser beams jet out from his eyes and blaze a trail after them]

Monzaemon: Please, come spend a fun day in Toy Town with me!

[MONZAEMON stomps after them, randomly shooting his laser beams out of his eyes. AFTON and PALMON cry out while running.]

Monzaemon: Why are you running, did I startle you? Sorry!

Palmon: Something’s wrong, he’s never acted like this!

Afton: He is now!

Numemon Leader: [hiding, he beckons to them] Come here, Cookie, I’ll protect you!

Afton [huffy]: No thanks!

Palmon: [Notices MONZAEMON’s approach] On second thought…

[PALMON and AFTON gasp and jump into the shallow crevice.]

Monzaemon: How about a kicking game of soccer, you two?! [steps over crevice]

[NUMEMON LEADER, PALMON, and AFTON let out a stifled frightened cry, then stand up once he passes]

Afton: He’s gone!

Palmon: Something bad must have happened in Toy Town.

Numemon Leader: Since I saved you, lady, now will you go out with me? Huh?

Afton: No!

Numemon Leader: Ohh! [Slams down on his face in desperation.]

Afton: C’mon, let’s go to Toy Town.

Palmon: But our friends—!

Numemon Leader: Wow, she’s so feisty, what a girl!

[Show Toy Town, and AFTON cries out in surprised delight.]

Palmon: There it is, Afton, Toy Town!

Afton: Wow. It really looks beautiful! Kinda like—a big amusement park!

[Show Toy Town close up, with wide paved streets, and multi-colored houses with turrets, lined up in an organized fashion. AFTON and PALMON are shown wandering through the streets with interest.]

Afton: It doesn’t look like anyone’s here.

Palmon: Something’s not right here.

[JOE runs past, being chased by a toy car]

Joe [in an odd voice]: Oh boy! This is fun! This is really fun!

Afton: Joe?

Joe: Boy I’m really having a lot of fun now! [skids to a stop and runs past them again.] Fun! Fun! This is fun!

Afton: It doesn’t look like a lot of fun.

[AMREE runs by, chased by a monkey toy clashing cymbals together.]

Amree [in an odd voice]: This is so exciting, this is really exciting!

Palmon: Just what’s going on here?!

[BEN jogs by with arms outstretched, pursued by a massive army of toy soldiers.]

Ben: Oh joy. What a delightful activity. This activity is really delightful.

[AFTON and PALMON look at him in the distance.]

Afton: Hey, Ben doesn’t talk like that…

Palmon: Nope.

[JAREN runs by, chased by a train]

Jaren [acting weird]: Boy oh boy, is this really great or what? [laughs oddly]

[MICHAEL runs by, with a giant bird pursuing him and trying to peck him.]

Michael: This really rocks! Forget books, this really rocks!

[RYLAN runs by, chased by a helicopter toy.]

Rylan: Ha ha. You can’t catch me. You can’t catch me. You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me, ha ha ha!

[ALYSSA runs by, chased by a toy doll]

Alyssa [in a weird voice]: I’m having so much fun! Yay! I’m really having fun!

Afton: That’s weird. Everyone sounds like a bunch of zombies. How strange!

Palmon: They do!

Afton: Ah well…they always were a little weird…

Palmon: I wish I knew what was going on here, it’s kinda creepy.

[Through a window, a locked toy chest is seen. From inside, yelling can be heard.]

Agumon [voice is muffled]: Hello?! Can anyone hear us out there?!

[AFTON and PALMON, walking by, exchange glances.]

Agumon: Joe?! Help! Somebody get us outta here!! Hello? Help!!

Palmon: It’s coming from inside that chest!

Afton: Agumon? Is that you?

Agumon: Yes!

Palmon: Are all our other Digimon in there with you, Agumon?

Gabumon: Yes! We’re all in here!

Afton: What happened?

Gatomon: We were running from the Numemon.

[Flashback begins]

[Show JOE and AGUMON running away from three NUMEMON.]

Agumon: Then Monzaemon came along.

[MONZAEMON scares away NUMEMON with laser blasts, then turns to JOE and AGUMON with glowing eyes.]

Joe: Ah…ee…run!!

Agumon: We tried to fight back…

Agumon: Pepper Breath! Pehh!

Monzaemon [angry]: Mmmm!!

Agumon: It’s no use, my flame’s not working. Run!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack! Those two!!

[Blue-green heart bubbles shoot out and two capture JOE and AGUMON.]

[Show AMREE and BIYOMON running]

Monzaemon: You’ll see! Toy Town is the greatest place to be!

Biyomon: Spiral Twister! Pah!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack! Those two!!

Biyomon: Amree!

Amree: Biyomon!

[Two hearts envelope AMREE and BIYOMON as they make noises of alarm.]

Monzaemon: At Toy Town, we just ooze fun.

[At different location…]

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

Monzaemon: Mmmmm—Hearts Attack! Them all!!

[Show everyone in the heart shaped bubbles. All are moaning, except Gomamon, who looks rather content.]

Monzaemon: So all of you will now serve us! You’re all going into our community toy box. Our toy box is only filled with children!

[Flashback ends now]

Afton: Thinking back, you’re right. [Show brief flashback of JAREN’s and MICHAEL’s odd behavior] The toys have been playing with them.

Palmon: Tell us, what changed Monzaemon?

Biyomon: We don’t know!

Palmon: Huh?

Afton: Well, can’t you get out of that box and help?

Gomamon: No, we’re locked inside of here!

Gabumon: It is up to you two. You must be the heroes this time.

Palmon: Just what do you mean?

Tentomon: You must defeat Monzaemon.

Palmon: What?!

Afton: You must be kidding!!

Agumon: That’s right! We can’t get free until you save the others.

Afton: Oh!!!

Palmon: We have to do this.

Afton: Oh do we have to?

[They walk outside.]

Palmon: I have to tell ya, this isn’t good. Monzaemon’s hearts aren’t supposed to attack, only give heart hugs, which give people such a good feeling that it makes them want to help others.

[Show RYLAN and helicopter again, running by.]

Rylan: Mmm hmm hmm mmmm hmm, you can’t catch me, ha ha ha!

Afton: This is so ridiculous!

Palmon and Afton: Oh!!

[The toy monkey clanging cymbals is at their feet. AFTON loses her temper.]

Afton: Mmm! Stop that noise! Right now!

[AFTON stamps her foot, and the monkey falls over. MONZAEMON appears with balloons.]

Monzaemon: It’s such a happy day in Toy Town!

[AFTON and PALMON cry out in surprise]

Palmon: Monzaemon!

Monzaemon: You’ll like these! Everyone likes the balloons!

Afton: Hey yeti-teddy! Whatever you’ve done to my friends—fix it now! Or you’ll be in big trouble!

[MONZAEMON’s eyes glow, but AFTON doesn’t notice. PALMON does.]

Afton: You understand me?!

[Suddenly realizes what’s going on]

Afton: Waa!!

[Show the explosion, and AFTON and PALMON running yet again]

Afton: This isn’t funny! I’m being chased by a giant stuffed bear!

Monzaemon: Now, now. Don’t run away from Toy Town!

[Meanwhile, he’s still shooting off his laser beams. A mob of NUMEMON jump out of a dust cloud angrily.]

Numemon Leader: I’ll save ya, honey!! Hah!

[Sludge lands on MONZAEMON’s forehead, he growls, and they continue their attack]

Afton: Numemon!

Palmon: You turned him down, and he still helped.

[MONZAEMON stomps and sends all the NUMEMON flying.]

Afton: Well, Palmon, what can I say, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

[MONZAEMON stomps again, with the same effect.]

Afton: Oh no! I don’t think the Nume-sludge is working.

[MONZAEMON glares and whacks the NUMEMON.]

Monzaemon: Gotcha!

Palmon: I can’t let them fight alone!

Afton: Palmon, be careful!

Monzaemon: Take this!

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

[PALMON’s attack wraps around Monzaemon, but proves ineffective when he yanks free and sends her flying.]

Palmon: Ohh!!

Afton: Palmon! Please—talk to me!

Palmon: My Poison Ivy’s not strong enough.

Monzaemon: Mmmmm—Heart Attack!!

[The blue hearts appear and begin chasing a frightened AFTON and PALMON. NUMEMON come to the rescue and together form a gigantic wall to block the hearts.]

Afton: Numemon!

[The hearts float away, taking the NUMEMON with them.]

Palmon: Time to take it to the next level. I may be a lady, but I am not a push over. Time to show this Digimon some manners!

[PALMON makes a mean, angry face.]

Palmon: Palmon, Digivolve to…

Togemon: Togemon!

[TOGEMON is a large green cactus with arms and wears bright red boxing gloves.]

Togemon: You’re goin’ down, big boy! Arrr!

[Smacks fists together. AFTON looks on in amazement. TOGEMON struts forward with attitude.]

Togemon: You wanna dance with me?

Monzaemon: [growls]

Togemon: [growls louder]

Monzaemon: [growls again]

Togemon: [growls and delivers the first punch]

[The two begin punching it out like crazy. MONZAEMON attempts to use his laser attack, but TOGEMON punches him in the face, so it’s ineffective.]

Togemon: Needle Spray!

[So many needles go into MONZAEMON that he looks like a pincushion, and he lets out a yell. The zipper on his back bursts open, and a Black Gear flies out. He then moans and collapses. TOGEMON reverse Digivolves back to PALMON. PALMON then collapses into a sitting position, exhausted. AFTON runs over.]

Afton: Palmon, you’re fabulous!

[PALMON giggles and gives AFTON a hug.]

Palmon: My stem is bruised.

Afton: After everyone was freed from the spell, and the trunk, Monzaemon told us what really happened.

Monzaemon: Usually, when kids get tired of their toys, they just abandon them and throw them away! It’s so sad! So I created a home for these toys. Then…I wanted to make the toys more important to their owners, and I found a way to let their owners walk in their shoes!

Afton: How? By turning kids into zombies?

Michael: I don’t think he really intended to do that, Afton.

Monzaemon: You’re right, Michael, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I really am sorry about it. Please accept my apology, I’ll never do that again—really.

Joe: [grins and scratches the back of his head] Monzaemon, we know that you would never hurt us on purpose.

Monzaemon: Of course not. But an evil feeling came over me.

Alyssa: It had to be that Black Gear!

Joe: Y’know, I’m beginning to take this whole Black Gear thing a little personally. They cause a whole lot of trouble before disappearing.

Afton: That’s right. But me and Palmon made Monzaemon good again.

Palmon: We’re a great team!

Monzaemon: My friends—there’s only one way I can truly show my gratitude, and that’s by giving you all a real heart hug!

[The KIDS are rather alarmed]

Michael: Oh boy…

Monzaemon: Here we go! This is my gift to you. Hearts Attack—with a hug!

[Each get captured by a heart bubble—now pink in color—and go floating around, giggling and all smiles. NUMEMON LEADER pops out of a manhole for the sewers.]

Numemon Leader: Dumpling, a kiss for your hero?

Afton: [cheerfully, since she is still in her heart bubble] No.

Numemon Leader: Wow, what a girl! She’ll come around. Hoo-hoah!

[NUMEMON LEADER falls on his face, and all laugh.]

Chapter 7: Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo

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