Digimon Adventure 01: My Version

Mgoff92 October 1, 2013 User blog:Mgoff92

So I've decided to rewrite Digimon Adventure with my own characters. My characters are:

  • Joseph "Joe" Kamiya (Tai) and Agumon
  • Jaren Ishida (Matt) and Gabumon
  • Amree Takenouchi (Sora) and Biyomon
  • Benjamin "Ben" Izumi (Izzy) and Tentomon
  • Afton Tachikawa (Mimi) and Palmon
  • Michael Kido (Joe) and Gomamon
  • Rylan Takaishi (T.K.) and Patamon
  • Alyssa Yagami (Kari) and Gatomon

Other than a few added lines (for Alyssa and Gatomon), it should generally be the same.

Here's a link to the first chapter:

Chapter 1: And So It Begins

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