It's been a seriously long time since I made my presence known, I guess it's time to redo some things, starting with my Digimon and Character...

Name: Tsumi "Mizu" Utaimasu

Zodiac: Aquarius

Basic Description: Tsumi appears cold, having a mostly sedated look. However inside he's loyal, and will gladly sacrifice himself for someone he trusts and respects. Tsumi isn't an easily made friend, but his devotion lasts a long time. Tsumi can be quick to anger if someone confronts / insults him, and always loves a good fight. If you want Tsumi's gratitude, simply buy him meat, it seems that he and his partner practically live on it alone. Aside from his expression, Tsumi enjoys a sense of humor, and always wants to know about what goes on inside a friend's head (Living true to his Zodiac). If you confront this man, be prepared for a glorious battle, and if you look to befriend him, you'll have a powerful, and loyal partner for years to come.

Height: 6"5 / 198 Centimeters

Age: 19

Hair: Deep Blue

Style: Gohan, Son

Eyes: Dark Red/Yellow

Favorite Foods: Steaks / Fried Rice (Chicken)

His Partnership with Dinamon: Tsumi always wants to push Dinamon in order for him to become as strong as he can be, but at the same time, he's always seemingly afraid for the Digimon. They both thrive on their love of meat and battle, and will even sometimes spar with eachother (Which is the whole reason why Tsumi is powerful to begin with). Both trust eachother and will hardly ever tell anything but the truth, if asked who would win in a battle, Both would usually say Tsumi. As Partners, Tsumi and Dinamon are always willing to take hits for one-another. Don't mess with either of them, as you may find that the other will always keep grudges.

Digimon Partner


Digivolution Tree: Lizmon / Carnimon / Dinamon / Spinasaumon / Ark Spinasaumon / Apex Spinasaumon

Still a WIP, please stay patient

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