Episode 22 23 and 24 review

Omegax01 January 26, 2011 User blog:Omegax01

Hello everybody right now there was a great delay because 1 i had not much time and 2 i became ill for a very long time. so sorry! Now here because of the delay here is a review of 3 yes 3 episodes!

first of all the new digixroses these are: episode 22:none

                                                    episode 23:
                                                  Shoutmon Jet Sparrow
                                                      Barry Ballistamon
                                                       Shagitamon or shougitamon
                                                      episode 24:Hi-Vision Monitamon

New additiond to xros hearth wich are confirmed

Wisemon, Nene Amano

Very important events

New digimemorys: Darkdramon Impmon Gatomon Veemon

The xros loader of Nene Amano changes from black into pink

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