Hey everyone, Digimon Heroes! is celebrating its one year anniversary with free gifts, a special limited time in-game event and new content, Digimon Runes!

Any player that logs in to Digimon Heroes between now and February 12th, 2017 will receive 365 Digimoney and 5 Green SP tickets for free! Tamers can now also collect Digimon Runes that will boost their stats, help in battling Yggdrasill in a limited time special event and unlock a world with brand new Digimon to collect!

Digimon Runes allow you to upgrade your Digimon even further, and you can equip up to 5 runes at a time. Runes increase Digimon stats based on rarity and there are 10 rarities, which are available for each race (Dragon, Knight, Dark and Holy). Runes can be equipped to a Digimon of the same race. For example, Holy runes can only be equipped to Holy Digimon.

In the Yggdrasil - God of the Digital World Special Event, a year has passed since Tamers defeated Armagemon and brought peace to File Island. But the mysterious host computer that rules Digital World wants File Island back and aims to separate Tamers from their Digimon. Now using a specific team of Digimon, you must defeat Yggdrasil!

Digimon Heroes! is an action-packed match-3 card battle adventure featuring a huge selection of more than 1,000 Digimon characters, which player can Digifuse and Digivolve to enhance their abilities.

Download Digimon Heroes HERE to start collecting and upgrading your Digimon and wage epic battles. Become the ultimate Digimon Hero!

Check out some brand new, exclusive art below!

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