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Agumon b
Appears in:Digimon Evolution Ultra, Digimon Adventure/02, Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, C'mon Digimon, Digimon D-Cyber, Digimon Next, Digimon Chronicle, Digomon X-Evolution, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Data Squad, Digimon Xros Wars/Boy Hunters, Digimon World Re:Digitize/manga
Partner(s):Charly Pyle
Armor Digivolution
AncientGreymon (Digi-Egg of Ancient Courage)
Piddomon (Digi-Egg of Holy Courage)
GuardiAngemon (Digi-Egg of )
Dominimon (Digi-Egg of )
DNA Digivolution (+ MetalGarurumon
+Imperialdramon Fighter Mode)
MegaImperialdramon Paladin Mode

ExAgumon is a Reptile Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Extra Agumon". ExAgumon is a Digimon who can digivolve to champion Greymon, ultimate MetalGreymon, mega WarGreymon, bio-merge mega VictoryGreymon, and VampireGreymon, super ultimate BurstWarGreymon, and WarGreymon Vampire Mode. And Armor-Digivolve to AncientGreymon with the Digi-Egg of Ancient Courage, and Piddomon with the Digi-Egg of Holy Courage and Piddomon can Digivolve to utimate armor GuardiAngemon, mega armor Dominimon and also FlameGreymon with the Digi-Egg of Valor. And DNA-Digivolve to Omnimon, with MetalGarurumon as WarGreymon, and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, with Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, as Omnimon.

  • Pepper BreathThis attack is named "Pepper Fire" in the first part of Digimon: The Movie, which is the dubbed version of the Digimon Adventure movie. (Baby Flame): Shoots an orange and red fireball of varying strength from its mouth.
  • Claw Attack (するどいツメ Surudoi Tsume?, lit. "Sharp Claw"): Attacks with claws.
  • Spirit Fire (Spitfire): Shoots a small blast of fire from its mouth.
  • Cross FireThis attack is named "Claw Attack" in Digimon Rumble Arena. (Cross Fight): Gathers power and then either bites foe and slashes them with claws.
  • Battle Hawk"Battle Hawk" is the name of the axe wielded on Bo-1dw and Agumon's starter weapon in Digimon World 4.
  • Triple Baby Flame: Performs "Pepper Breath" alongside two other Agumon, fusing the three flames into a gigantic fireball.

Other Forms


Botamon b

Botamon is a Slime Digimon whose name is derived from coal debris (ボタ Bota?), as well as Botamochi (牡丹餅?) and the womb (母胎 Botai?), and as such it is a black and squishy newborn. It was just born recently, and on the surface of its slime-shaped body, it has grown thick, black fuzz. As it has just been born it is unable to battle, but it can produce bubble-like objects from its mouth to intimidate its opponents.


  • Bubble Blow (酸の泡 San no Awa?, lit. "Acid Bubbles"): Produces bubble-like objects from its mouth to intimidate the opponent.


Koromon b

Koromon is a Lesser Digimon whose name is derived from the onomatopoeia for something round and rolling (ころころ Korokoro?), and as such is small and round. It is a tiny Digimon that shed the fuzz covering its surface, and whose body grew even bigger. Although it has become able to move around more actively, it is still unable to battle. It can produce bubbles from its mouth to intimidate opponents.



Greymon b

Greymon is a Dinosaur Digimon whose name and design are derived from "grey" (old or ancient). It is modeled after the classic, flat-footed, upright depiction of a theropod dinosaur. It has a well muscled chest and forearms, orange skin with blue stripes, and a brown helmet with antler like horns on the side and a single horn on the nose—making it resemble some sort of fusion between an Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus. It is approximately 15 to 20 feet tall.


  • Nova BlastThis attack is named "Digi Nova Blast" in Digimon Adventure, "The Birth of Greymon" [02] and "Nova Flame" in the first part of Digimon: The Movie, which is the dubbed version of the Digimon Adventure movie. (Mega Flame): Accumulates fire in mouth then unleashes a giant fireball at enemies. It can also take the form of a flamethrower.
  • Great Horns AttackThis attack is named "Great Horn Attack" in Digimon Battle and retains its original name of "Great Antler" in Digimon Digital Card Battle. (Great Antler): Impales the enemy on its horns.
  • Grey Tooth
  • Great Tooth
  • Horn Impulse: Attacks foe with its horns.
  • Tail Crash: Slams its tail into its enemy.
  • Fire Wall: Spews out an encroaching wall of flames.
  • Horn Spiral: Spins an enemy into a cyclone with horns.


MetalGreymon (Vaccine) b

MetalGreymon is a Cyborg Digimon, the digivolved form of Greymon. There are two variations of MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon from File Island have drastically increased their lifespan due to their modification, but their flesh has become a discolored blue. They have a virus attribute. MetalGreymon from the Folder Continent have digivolved more safely, drawing out a more complete power. They are orange and have a vaccine attribute. The orange, vaccine-type version of MetalGreymon is first introduced in the anime Digimon Adventure in 1999, instead of the previous virus version. It is later seen in the V-Pet Digimon Pendulum 5, and it appears in most Digimon media nowadays as opposed to its virus counterpart. He resembles a much larger Greymon with red hair, purple decayed wings, a metallic helmet, trident-like left arm, and chest-mounted twin missile launchers. MetalGreymon's strength is said to be comparable to a nuclear warhead's, and their attacks will completely annihilate weaker Digimon. In order to digivolve to MetalGreymon, a Greymon must continuously defeat formidable opponents.


  • Giga BlasterThis attack is named "Artifical Intelligence Missile" in Digimon Battle. (Giga Destroyer): Launches two fish-shaped nuclear missiles from its chest.
  • Mega ClawThis attack is named "Body Blow" in Digimon Battle. (Trident Arm): Launches its tethered metal claw off its arm to slash or wrap up enemies.
  • Metal Arm
  • Metal Slash
  • Tera Destroyer: Launches an enhanced version of its "Giga Blaster" attack.
  • Metal Slash II (メタルスラッシュ改 Metal Slash Kai?, lit. "Metal Slash Revision"): Slashes with its claw.
  • Powerful Flame: Unleashes a wave of fire from its claw.


WarGreymon b

WarGreymon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "War Greymon". The strongest dragon warrior, with a body clad in armor of the super-metal "Chrome Digizoid", it is the ultimate form of Greymon-species Digimon. Though it differs from the gigantic figure seen in Greymon-species Digimon, and has the form of a Man-type, it has rapidly improved its speed and power, and it is likely impossible to defeat it with the attacks of an Ultimate Digimon. The "Dramon Killers" equipped to both of its arms exhibit immense power against Dramon-species Digimon, while simultaneously being a two-edged sword that completely endangers itself. Also, when the shells equipped on its back unite into one, they become the "Brave Shield", which is the strongest and toughest shield. It is said that the moment that a true hero, among all the mighty that have been through many battles, awakens to its own mission, it digivolves into WarGreymon.


  • Terra ForceThis attack is named "Nova Force" in Digimon Adventure, "Enter The Dark Masters" [40]. (Gaia Force): Gathers all of the energy within the atmosphere and concentrates it into one spot, then fires it as a super-dense, high-temperature fireball energy shot.
  • Great TornadoIn English, this attack is also named "Mega Claw" in Digimon Adventure, "The Battle for Earth" [39], "Nova Force" in "Playing Games" [43], and "Terra Force" in "The Ultimate Clash" [45] and "The Crest of Friendship" [51]. In Japanese, this attack is also named "Brave Tornado" in the Digimon Adventure anime.: Spins at tremendous speed like a tornado and launches itself at the enemy.
  • Brave Shield: Uses its "Brave Shield" to defend.
  • Mega Claw (Dramon Killer): Slashes its "Dramon Killer" gauntlets.
  • Dragon Killer
  • War Driver: Builds up energy in its claws and strikes the enemy down with them.
  • Ultra Tornado (Grey Fire): Wraps itself in a giant tornado of flames, sending smaller tornadoes outwards at enemies.


VictoryGreymon b

VictoryGreymon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Victory Greymon". A subspecies of WarGreymon, whose body is clad in armor of the super-metal "Chrome Digizoid", it easily wields its gigantic crushing sword "Dramon Breaker", and is the "Dragon Warrior of Heroes" that fights against its opponents with unique sword techniques. Furthermore, VictoryGreymon possesses an evolutionary code that differs from Digimon that were naturally born in the Digital World, and it is thought that it is a Digimon that digivolved from a Digi-Egg that was produced due to artificial data intervention.


  • Dramon Breaker: Performs a heroic sword technique with the Dramon Breaker in which it strikes the opponent, instead of slashing, pulverizing them.
  • Trident Gaia: Splits the Dramon Breaker and equips the pieces to its arm, takes all the energy within the atmosphere and concentrates it into the tips of its sword, then fires it.
  • Victory Charge: Performs a unique sword technique with the Dramon Breaker which reflects back an opponent's attack.
  • Victory Shield: Unites the shells equipped on its back into a shield, which it wields.





BurstWarGreymon is a dragon man digimon who's name and design is derived from Burst War Greymon. It is a super ultimate level digimon and a subspecies of WarGreymon with armor made from red and gold chrome digizoid and he has a brave shield that has the crest of courage in flames on it instead of the crest of courage.


  • Burst Terra Force: A super charged version of WarGreymon's Terra Force attack.
  • Burst Brave Shield: A shield that has the crest of courage in flames engraved on it witch he holds with his left hand.
  • Burst Sword: Super heat comes from his sword.
  • Terra Wave: A wave of magma comes from his hands.

WarGreymon (Vampire Mode)

Red Duel


Omnimon b

Omnimon is a Warrior Digimon whose Japanese name is derived from "I am the Alpha and the Omega" (ἐγὼ τὸ Α καὶ τὸ Ω Egō to Alpha kai to Omega?), and whose English name is derived from "Omni" (Lat: All). One of the "Royal Knights", it was fused from the Virus Busters WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon due to the powerful wills of everyone who wished for goodness. It is a Digimon who has combined the special qualities of two bodies, so it is a multitype warrior which can fully demonstrate those abilities, for any given situation. It is equipped with the "Grey Sword" and "Brave Shield Omega" for its WarGreymon-shaped left arm, and the "Garuru Cannon" and missiles for its MetalGarurumon-shaped right arm. As for the mantle on its back, it is automatically deployed when it dodges an opponent's attack, or when it is flying. It bears the Crest of Courage on the Brave Shield Omega, and a combined symbol of the Crests of Courage and Friendship on its chest. The DigiCode on its Grey Sword reads DC oDC chouonDC ruDC deDC riDC chouonDC to (オールデリート Ōru Derīto?, lit. "All Delete").


  • Supreme Cannon (Garuru Cannon): Freezes the opponent with frigid, absolute zero shots that it fires from the "Garuru Cannon".
  • Transcendent Sword (Grey Sword): Slashes with the invincible "Grey Sword".
  • Double ShotThis attack retains its original name of "Double Torrent" in Digimon Rumble Arena. (Double Torrent): Annihilates the opponent with successive shots of fire and ice from the WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon heads.
  • Omega Blast

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode t

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (インペリアルドラモン パラディンモード?)

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is an Ancient Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Imperial Dramon". It is a form of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode that acquired the power of the holy knight Omnimon, powering up and changing form into a legendary holy knight. As the final, strongest form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode that was told of since ancient times, it descended in a time of great disruption in the ancient Digital World, and rescued the world from complete collapse. However, all of the details of that era are a mystery, and if research into Digimon and the Digital World progresses, it is likely that they will eventually be clarified. It wields the ultimate "Omni Sword" (Omega Blade). It is the founder of the Royal Knights.[1] It bears a combined symbol of the Crests of Courage and Friendship on the hilt of the Omni Sword. The DigiCode on its Omni Sword reads "INITIALIZE" (DC IDC NDC IDC TDC IDC ADC LDC IDC ZDC E).


  • Omni Sword (Omega Blade): Cuts the opponent in two with a single stroke of its Omni Sword, resetting and clearing their configuration data.


AncientGreymon b

AncientGreymon is an Ancient Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Ancient" and "Greymon". It possesses the attribute of "Flame", and is one of the legendary "Ten Legendary Warriors" that saved the ancient Digital World. It is told that its strength surpasses that of current Megas, and it is certainly a "Mega" being. Its abilities were later passed on to the "Dragon Digimon" of the Greymon-species. It is said that in the previous crusade, it survived to the end alongside AncientGarurumon, and sealed away Lucemon.


  • Gaia Tornado: Gathers the spirit of the land and creates a tornado to swallow up the opponent and blow them away.
  • Omega Corona (Omega Burst): Induces a super-detonation over the surrounding kilometers alongside an intense flash.


Piddomon b

Piddomon is an Angel Digimon resembling Angemon, only with two wings instead of six, grey metal on his knees instead of gold, as well as red-colored clothing and just a horizontal band across his mask, as opposed to a vertical and horizontal. The staff that he holds is also different from the staff Angemon has. His Japanese name is Pidmon, which comes from cupid. The DigiCode on its ribbons reads DC deDC jiDC taDC ruDC moDC nDC suDC taDC chouon (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā?, lit. "Digital Monster").


  • Fire Feather
  • Piddo Speed (Pid Speed)


SlashAngemon b

GuardiAngemon is a Power Digimon whose Japanese name and design are derived from "Slash Angemon" and the mythological Power, and whose English name is derived from the mythological Guardian angel.


  • Holy Espada (Esp: Holy Sword): Slashes with a cross-shaped energy blast.
  • Heaven's Ripper: Charges at the opponent with staggering momentum, cutting them apart with the blades covering its body.


Dominimon v

Dominimon is a Mega Armor Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Dominion. It wields the "Final Excalibur" sword.


  • Final Excalibur: Draws its "Final Excalibur" sword from its left wrist.



FlameGreymon is a sweet-tempered digimon, having a strong sense of justice, it is also very brave and does not hesitate to put his life on the line if necessary. He is a peace loving digimon, that is very kind but ruthless when fighting. Despite his peace loving character he is a terrible digimon in battle.


  • Solar Cannon: It concentrates the sun's energy into the barrel of his left hand and then releasing it as a powerful beam that burns and disintegrates everything in its path because of its high temperatures.
  • Giga call: Throws a giant flame from his mouth (it is a more powerful version of Greymon's Nova Blast).
  • Solar Storm: It emanates from his own body a wave of sunlight such that can weaken the enemy (has great effect on the machine type Digimon as it can damage their system).
  • Fire Punishment: His body begins to burn concentrating all his energy on his cannon to shoot a big fireball, able to reduce to ashes the opponent (is a more powerful version of the solar cannon).

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