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    Hey everybody!!

    Sorry it's been so long... Two weeks ago, I just got back from serving two years in the Family & Church History Headquarters Missions down in Salt Lake. I was able to do a lot of personal genealogy as well as for others. While serving, we were told that we shouldn't be going on websites that aren't approved, so I couldn't go on some of my favorite Wikia sites... We simply needed to focus on the Lord's work & not on the things of the world. I always tried my best to stay focused on the work, though not all the Young Elders I served with were faithful.

    I've always had an idea of what Digimon might look like as a live-action film. (Haven't most of us?) Some of the characters I came up with are based on people I saw back in Salt …

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  • Reynoman

    Here's my list of the possible episode names for the English version of Digimon Xros Wars.

    1. Pilot
    2. Taiki's Choice
    3. Enter Kiriha
    4. In The Eyes Of ChibiKamemon
    5. The DigiMemories Revealed
    6. Rescuing Archelomon
    7. Adventures in Magma Zone
    8. Prisoners
    9. The Truth About Drillmon
    10. The Code of the Knight
    11. Akari & the Magic Mirror
    12. Treasure Hunt In The Desert
    13. The Last Warrior
    14. Baalmon's Revival
    15. The Trial & Execution of Xros Heart
    16. Enter The Dark Knight or The Dark Side Of Heaven
    17. A New Xros Digivolution
    18. Stingmon Of The Jungle
    19. Rise of the Great Deity
    20. GranLocomon's Destruction
    21. Xros Heart vs. Twilight
    22. Secrets of the Digital World
    23. How To Make A Karatenmon Laugh
    24. Zenjirou to the Rescue!
    25. The Fall of a Zone
    26. Proof Of A King
    27. Akari The Master Patissiere
    28. Rise of the Ultimate Weapon or The Search For Cutemon's Pa…
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  • Reynoman

    Digimon Xros Wars in America

    February 25, 2011 by Reynoman

    Here's my list of things of what the English version of Digimon Xros Wars would be like.

    • The English name for the season is most likely to be called be called Digimon Fusion Battles. (Who knows?)
    • Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time will have its name shortened to either Digimon Xros Hunters or Digimon Fusion Hunters for its English name.
    • The season will be aired on Cartoon Network.
    • The season will be rated TV-PG, for some violence & sensuality.
    • Like most anime shows, the English version will use the music from the Japanese version.
    • The English version for Never Give Up, the first opening song, will be sung by the All-American Rejects.
    • The English version for New World, the second opening song, will be sung by Victoria Justice.
    • The …
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  • Reynoman

    Here's my list of who the English voices for Digimon Xros Wars might be.

    • Reyn Robinson as Taiki
    • Miranda Cosgrove as Akari
    • David Henrie as Zenjirou
    • Scott McCord as Shoutmon
    • Steven Blum as Ballistamon
    • Skip Stellrecht as Drillmon
    • Unknown as Starmon
    • Unknown as Pickmons
    • Unknown as Cutemon
    • Unknown as Jijimon
    • Joseph Motiki as Taikomon
    • Joanne Vannicola as ChibiKamemon
    • Unknown as Archelomon
    • Tim Allen as Knightmon
    • Unknown as PawnChessmons
    • Ariana Grande as Persiamon
    • Unknown as Deputymon
    • Unknown as Pharaohmon
    • Unknown as Stingmon
    • Unknown as Lilamon
    • Unknown as Wisemon
    • Mitchell Musso as Puppetmon
    • Brianna Siddall as Spadamon
    • Stephen Lunsford as Kiriha
    • Unknown as Greymon
    • Unknown as MailBirdramon
    • Unknown as Deckerdramon
    • Unknown as Dracomon
    • Zoey Deutch as Nene
    • Michelle Ruff as Sparrowmon …
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