Digimon Xros Wars in America

Reynoman February 25, 2011 User blog:Reynoman

Here's my list of things of what the English version of Digimon Xros Wars would be like.

  • The English name for the season is most likely to be called be called Digimon Fusion Battles. (Who knows?)
  • Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time will have its name shortened to either Digimon Xros Hunters or Digimon Fusion Hunters for its English name.
  • The season will be aired on Cartoon Network.
  • The season will be rated TV-PG, for some violence & sensuality.
  • Like most anime shows, the English version will use the music from the Japanese version.
  • The English version for Never Give Up, the first opening song, will be sung by the All-American Rejects.
  • The English version for New World, the second opening song, will be sung by Victoria Justice.
  • The English version for Stand Up, the opening song of the sequel, will be sung by Debby Ryan.
  • Digimon will return to Bandai America with Digimon Xros Wars franchise.
  • "DigiXros" will be changed to "Xros Digivolution". (Or "DigiFusion", since the English name for the show might be "Digimon Fusion Battles".)
  • According to IMDb, Taiki, Akari, & Zenjirou's English names will be Gerry, Dorothy, & Edwardo.
  • Ballistamon will have a lower voice rather than a high-pitched voice.
  • Dorulumon's English name will be either Dorurumon or Drillmon.
  • Monitamon's English name will be Monitormon.
  • Dondokomon's English name will be Taikomon.
  • Gravimon's English name will be Gravitymon.
  • ZekeGreymon's English name will be SiegGreymon.
  • Since OmegaShoutmon retrieved his powers from Omnimon (AKA Omegamon in Japan), it's unknowingly possible that his English name will be OmniShoutmon.
  • Cutemon will be female.
  • Beelzemon would sound cool with a British/Australian accent.
  • Since Olegmon is a Viking, he will probably have a Scandinavian accent.

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