Here's my list of the possible episode names for the English version of Digimon Xros Wars.

  1. Pilot
  2. Taiki's Choice
  3. Enter Kiriha
  4. In The Eyes Of ChibiKamemon
  5. The DigiMemories Revealed
  6. Rescuing Archelomon
  7. Adventures in Magma Zone
  8. Prisoners
  9. The Truth About Drillmon
  10. The Code of the Knight
  11. Akari & the Magic Mirror
  12. Treasure Hunt In The Desert
  13. The Last Warrior
  14. Baalmon's Revival
  15. The Trial & Execution of Xros Heart
  16. Enter The Dark Knight or The Dark Side Of Heaven
  17. A New Xros Digivolution
  18. Stingmon Of The Jungle
  19. Rise of the Great Deity
  20. GranLocomon's Destruction
  21. Xros Heart vs. Twilight
  22. Secrets of the Digital World
  23. How To Make A Karatenmon Laugh
  24. Zenjirou to the Rescue!
  25. The Fall of a Zone
  26. Proof Of A King
  27. Akari The Master Patissiere
  28. Rise of the Ultimate Weapon or The Search For Cutemon's Parents
  29. Tactimon's Last Strike
  30. Going Back

Rise of the Seven Kingdoms

  1. Return To The Digital World or Dancing With Dragons
  2. The Secret of True Pride
  3. Nightmare in Vampire Land
  4. Hang In There, Greymon!
  5. Attack of the Honey Bandits
  6. Zamielmon Plays Hard To Get!
  7. O Brother, How Could Thou?
  8. A Human In The Digital World
  9. The Many Traps of Splashmon
  10. Olegmon & the Golden Pirate Fleet
  11. Operation: Save Ballistamon!
  12. Kiriha Gets a Little Rocky
  13. The Power Of Love or Even Gods Must Die
  14. The Greatest Battle Ever Fought
  15. A Death General With A Heart
  16. Yuu, This Isn't A Game!
  17. The Duel Between The Generals
  18. Beelzemon's Greatest Sacrifice
  19. Freeing Apollomon
  20. The Death Generals Resurrected
  21. Olegmon's True Friends
  22. Brothers of Darkness
  23. Countdown to Destruction
  24. D5: The Final Battle

Xros Hunters

  1. The Hunt Begins
  2. Sagomon, the Student Capturer
  3. Blueprints From Puppetmon
  4. Trapped In The Vines of Blossomon
  5. Leave Cutemon Alone! or Return of a Lost Friend
  6. Kendo Rivalry
  7. Attack of the Food-Frenzied Pagumon!
  8. Hunting Business
  9. Fame & Misfortune
  10. Celebrity Run-Away!
  11. Dude, Where's the Motivation?
  12. The Best Ramen of DigiQuartz
  13. All Aboard Locomon!
  14. The Hunt For Volcadramon
  15. Never Trust A Devil or A Contract For Friends
  16. Beware The Spirit Hunter
  17. Betsumon: Master of Disguise
  18. Drawing Dreams
  19. Treasure Is Where You Find It
  20. Dungeons & Digimon
  21. Not Your Ordinary Amusement Park
  22. The Strange Case of MetallifeKuwagamon
  23. And Now... The Secret Behind The Hunt
  24. Legends Cometh
  25. Miracle In DigiQuartz

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