aka Martin "Marty" W. Mollohan

  • I live in Tallmadge, Ohio, United States
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Amateur Let's Player, Artist, and Writer
  • I am Male
  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Took me not even 40 minutes to design this one considering the relative ease of designing Child/Rookie forms I have nowadays even considering how different their evolved forms look nowadays than they did much earlier in the franchise. For those curious, I'm basically allowing people to utilize this very particular design I made if they intend to make use of it for stuff such as Meicoomon's Child/Rookie form and don't want to use something like Plotmon/Salamon for the role. Also my apologies, but unless you're intending on using the artwork I made for it alongside a template for something else which includes it, I can't remove my signature from it; message me on my talk page if you want to use it without the signature. The Overclocked Infer…

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Hello everyone, Shiramu-Kuromu here. After having played Digimon World DS for a while to begin finishing up the planning stages for Digimon Re: Story, I ran into a few speed bumps along the way to finalizing the plans I had. One of these speed bumps happened to be a specific Digimon which we'll talk about below. After receiving advice from my brother as to how to get this guide to properly work, and to ensure that it would work a repeated number of times, I finished up the following guide for your own needs should you ever run into the same problems I did.

    I decided to make this guide due to personal frustrations I had with the Digimon DemiDevimon on Digimon World DS. I originally DigiConverted it as a Myotismon, and then had degenerated it…

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    NOTICE: All of these so far have been confirmed and double checked by yours truly. All of the resulting combinations listed below for each Digimon WILL get you said Digimon that said requirements are for, you just have to be patience depending on whether you're going for one of the Champions in particular as your first Champion. So far, I've confirmed all of the Champion possibilities for Agumon, so those are what are listed below for the moment til I can get around to confirming the requirements for other Digimon as well.

    Please note that due to the way this game works, it will take me time to complete this guide, so please, be patient with me on this one. Also note all of the requirements listed below are the ones I've used for AGUMON to …

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Alrighty then, most of you probably seen my upload for E.D.E.N.32, which is a recreation of events in Digimon World that I haven't actually gotten around to. HOWEVER, I am here to change that and rise to the challenge, solely to help celebrate Operation Decode's accomplishments, and show my own support for the game's release in the US by playing through the very game that inspired it's gameplay; Digimon World.

    The episodes can be found here:

    NOTICE: Occasionally some episodes will have swearing, which is fairly commonplace for my videos as a whole. You have been warned.

    • Digimon World Episode 1 - Digivolve, Centarumon!
    • Digimon World Episode 2 - BAD Centarumon, BAD!!

    • Digimon World Episode 3 - Not doing well...
    • Digimon World Episode 4 - Nothing new…

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  • Shiramu-Kuromu

    Operation Decode

    March 5, 2014 by Shiramu-Kuromu

    For those who don't know, Operation Decode is a petition to get Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode over into the US and Europe. So far, people from Bandai Namco are actually paying attention to the petition:

    However, even as to where we currently stand (23,691+ signatures), we need signatures to continue should we ultimately reach our goal; To get this game localized into the International market, so that all Digimon fans can enjoy this game! We must show them that we still care for Digimo…

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