Alrighty then, most of you probably seen my upload for E.D.E.N.32, which is a recreation of events in Digimon World that I haven't actually gotten around to. HOWEVER, I am here to change that and rise to the challenge, solely to help celebrate Operation Decode's accomplishments, and show my own support for the game's release in the US by playing through the very game that inspired it's gameplay; Digimon World.

The episodes can be found here:

NOTICE: Occasionally some episodes will have swearing, which is fairly commonplace for my videos as a whole. You have been warned.


Week 1 (Season 1)

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8 (Season 2)

NOTICE 2: I have run into technical difficulties while recording Season 2, and several recruitment Digimon won't be shown in the LP due to having made too much progress without even realizing I wasn't recording. Also acquiring MetalGreymon is now accomplished. Expect it to be a while before I can figure out what went wrong with recording, as I lost several hours of in-game progress just with this incident.

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13


Future episodes will take time, since I need to look up guides as to what I need to accomplish, and not only that, but accomplish the digivolutions of all of the Digimon mentioned in EDEN's profile, those being:

Extra Forms

These forms are not any of the required forms mentioned above, but instead any form that I end up getting that isn't part of the original plan stated above. Any forms taken by EDEN will be listed here in that case, and each form will be for mostly completion of the game rather than simply preferences.

Final Statement

Now then, onward fellow Fans! We must show our support for Digimon in the West! Sign the petition listed in either the video description, my previous blog, or right here so that not only will our victory in getting Digimon World: Re:Digitize Decode localized be glorious, but it'll help to fuel my motivation to continue with Digimon World even further than I intend to, showcasing more the game has to offer such as the Digimon available, side quests, and much more!

I'll try as much as I can to get at least 2 Episodes in per week, but I can't guarantee which days in those weeks that they'll be recorded and uploaded though.

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