When I was busy finishing up the page for how the Xros Wars timeline would get fixed up after what Rainboramon did to it by accident, I was asked "What would happen if Fracktamon attacked Shieldrus?" And what a good question that is indeed, for even I don't know the answer to THAT. THAT my friend, brings up the infamous Irresistible force paradox that some mon raising RPGs tend to go through at one point or another. The basic idea is something with Infinite Attack/Spirit, such as Fracktamon, attacking something with Infinite Defense/Wisdom, such as Shieldrus. What happens? I don't really know. That could go a few different ways depending on how B/C's stats will be programmed. Either A: Fracktamon OHKOs Shieldrus in a single attack, B: Shieldrus takes virtually no damage whatsoever, or C: Both KO each other at the same time somehow. How I'm going to handle that depends on how hard I want The Great Battle of Xros Wars quest to be. Then again, Fracktamon is always meant to be a sort of game breaker that disables getting PSN trophies when used in certain battles, because nothing else can survive a hit from Fracktamon.

At the same time, however, while I unintentionally pulled this off with Fracktamon and Shieldrus, I originally meant Argendramon (Max Defense and Wisdom Growth Rate) and Giganodramon (Max Attack and Spirit Growth Rate) to represent this paradox. Argendramon is made out of pure Chrome Digizoid, the hardest metal in the Digimon universes to the point it's considered fireproof, while Giganodramon can erupt into pure flames that can melt any metal down to liquid. When both Digimon encounter each other, however, they merely cancel each other out as their traits are designed to do. Fracktamon and Shieldrus aren't designed to be that sort of conflict, as I never really intended the two to be any sort of rivals at all until the question suddenly reminded me of the fact I gave Fracktamon infinite Attack and Spirit. What'll happen when Fracktamon attacks Shieldrus? I don't really know yet, it all depends on which of the three scenarios I like best.

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