For those who don't know, Operation Decode is a petition to get Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode over into the US and Europe. So far, people from Bandai Namco are actually paying attention to the petition:

However, even as to where we currently stand (23,691+ signatures), we need signatures to continue should we ultimately reach our goal; To get this game localized into the International market, so that all Digimon fans can enjoy this game! We must show them that we still care for Digimon, be it the anime, or the games! Fusion and Digimon Masters Online are currently all we have for both at the moment, so to get this game into the US and elsewhere will GREATLY bring Digimon back to it's glory days! Spread the word, people, and I will be sure to thank you all in some way or form in the future.

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