Vitium (Form 1) bVitium (Form 2) b

I come by to the Wiki one day, uploading new artworks, and find these two specific pics that catch my eye. All I know is that these two appear in Digimon World Re:Digitize under the name Vitium. Currently, all I seem to think of right now is that it's the main antagonist if not just the final boss alone. I assume the name would've been different otherwise though, as normally when something is obtainable the name "Mon" is at the end of it, hence it is a Digimon, but even though that isn't the case in my B/C project, ALL Bandai Namco games feature final bosses like this (NeoCrimson, Overlord GAIA, D-Reaper), unless they do happen to be Digimon (Galacticmon, Grimmon, Armamon are examples of the latter). Now tell me, does anyone by any chance happen to know exactly what Vitium is so I can properly add information to it's B/C Page rather than just make assumptions on it? Also, fanart of Form 1 for B/C as a quickie:

Vitium Rookie

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