If you've seen Digimon Savers 3D Calumon appeared in it. And made me think if there is a bit of a connection between Savers and Tamers. Also the guy that does the voice of Agumon in the english dub also did the voice of Takato Matsuda in Tamers. And they're like the only two series that kinda have a really dark plot/story. And besides that they're the only two series that have tamers as their main characters. If I could relate Tamers to Adventure it would be for the fact that Adventure is a tv show in the Tamers universe, and I commonly see it on minitokyo's page where they do Adventure and Tamers crossovers. Please tell me your opinions about if Tamers is more similar to Savers or Adventure? BTW I know they're in separate universes
Gizumon-AT t


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