• Templermon

    growth power

    February 24, 2013 by Templermon

    Certain digimon have the power to grow and release a devastating attack that could beat most digimon.When digimon absorb data they grow big and release the attack of all the data they absorbed.In digimon02 Malomyotismon absorbed the data in the digiworld when he digidestined blasted him. Some digimon when they absorb too much data has their data destroyed and reconfigured to a digiegg. Though the digimon soon turn back to the form they were in the have to go through the stages of digivolution again to turn back to it. Most digimon that absorb the data are either evil or virus type digimon that have evil intentions.Thanks to the digidestined in 02 they blasted malomyotismon into the digiworld by mistake and he started absorbing data but was…

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