Yeah, I don't have anything concrete to back this up, but I am fairly certain that Cherubimon is based on cherubim, not cherubs. •Cherubs look like little babies with fluffy wings. Cherubim are powerful angels with four faces: Ox, Eagle, Lion, and Man. Since Cherubimon governs over Beast Digimon, why would the basis be cutsie baby angels instead of the mighty cherubim?! Lucemon is probably based on a cherub, and you can see the difference between the two of them. •Cherubimon fits the naming scheme of Seraphimon being based on seraphim, Ophanimon on ophanim, and Dominimon being based on Dominim. •If Cherubimon was based on cherubs, doesn't it make logical sense that the name would be "Cherubmon"?! Why would you add unecessary confusion? You wouldn't!

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