• TheElementalZero-TeenDarkMagician

    alright, im probably not the only Digimon adventure fan out there, and i need help all i have is

    "1, 2, 3, 4.. DIGIMON GO!!

    We are the Digi-Generation, this is the legendary story of a chosen few, some of which just may be me or you!!!!

    Transported into a new world, we accept the fact we all have a job to do, the Digimon Depend on us chosen Few!!!

    The days go by we go faster, Call us the digital masters!! This is the age of the DigiDestined!! We're all being put to the test and, We'll Digivolve as the the battle goes down!!!!

    Na na na, nana nana, digimon rock and roll!! Na na na, nana nana, digidestiend in control!!!"

    I will update what i get from other websites later, but I need your help too!! PLZ comment a reply to expand the song!!

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