Digimon World Digivolution Chart

Theglem4 November 12, 2013 User blog:Theglem4

I was thinking, since there is no quick and easy way to find out about Digimon World digivolutions, I should make myself useful and create a chart of it. I am new to this, so is that okay? I don't just mean the idea, I'm also asking if I am allowed to create a page of that fashion? I don't see why not, and before I get 20 comments of "Read the rules (or whatever they are called)," I have, but I want to be 100% sure it's alright. Also, I can only find an image of one of the four eggs from the game, so should I just skip it or describe what each looks like? I will probably skip it. One last thing; do I have to use the images from the actual game or are any fair game or what? I want to make sure.

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