From right to left: Taiki Kudo: Yuri Lowenthal, Shoutmon: Derek Stephen Prince, Akari Hinamoto: Melissa Fahn, Zenjiro Tsurugi: Steven Blum, Dorulumon: Steven Blum, Ballistamon: Doug Erholtz, Starmon: Richard Epcar, Cutemon: Peggy O Neal, Pickmons: Brianne Siddall, Dondokomon: Derek Stephen Prince, Kiriha Anouma: Johnny Yong Bosch, Greymon: Brian Beacock, MailBirdramon: Neil Kaplan, Nene Amano: Laura Bailey, Monimon: Brianne Sidall, Monitamon: Peggy O Neal, DarkKnightmon: Richard Epcar,

Taiki Kudo and his childhood friend Akari Hinamoto and rival Zenjiro Tsurugi are sucked into a mysterious world inhabited by sentimental digital monsters called Digimon, after Taiki saves a Digimon's life, named Shoutmon. The Digital World is currently under the stronghold grip of the Bagra Army, and it's four generals who seek the code crowns to re-create the Digital World as an evil place. Taiki befriends Shoutmon, who with a strong passion wishes to become Digimon King, and bring peace to his world. With Taiki's help, using a digivice called a Fusion Loader, Shoutmon and his Digimon friends can utilize the power of the DigiFusion to combine and form more powerful monsters or digivolve to the next level.

The following is the main cast for the North American adaption of Toei Animation's Digimon Fusion Battles, aka Digimon Xros Wars in Japan.

Main Cast
6-01 Analyzer-01 JP

Taiki Kudo: Yuri Lowenthal

6-10R Analyzer-02 JP

Shoutmon: Derrick Stephen Prince

6-01 Analyzer-03 JP

Akari Hinamoto: Melissa Fahn

6-01 Analyzer-04 JP

Zenjiro Tsurugi: Steven Blum

6-02 Analyzer-05 JP

Dorulumon: Steve Blum

6-01 Analyzer-06 JP

Ballistamon: Doug Erholtz

6-01 Analyzer-09 JP

Starmon: Richard Epcar

6-02 Analyzer-02 JP

Cutemon: Peggy O Neal

6-10R Analyzer-07 JP

Pickmons: Brianne Siddall

6-15 Analyzer-05 JP

Dondokomon: Derrick Stephen Prince

6-12 Analyzer-11 JP

Kiriha Anouma: Johnny Yong Bosch

6-02 Analyzer-06 JP

Greymon: Brian Beacock

6-03 Analyzer-09 JP

MailBirdramon: Neil Kaplan

6-11 Analyzer-03 JP

Nene: Laura Bailey

6-12 Analyzer-09 JP

Monitamon: Peggy O Neal

6-29 Analyzer-18 JP

DarkKnightmon: Richard Epcar

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