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March 15, 2016
  • Welshdramon93

    This is a post of my fan made character for Digimon



    Description:Sam is a kind gentle and headstrong person his life changed when he met his partner digimon Velomon after finding his Digi-egg in section of a tech museum Sam wears a red sports jacket navy coloured jeans white trainers and a shirt with the welsh dragon on it he felt weak and afraid when he thought he was going to lose Velomon during a Bullmon stampede in the digital world.

    Digimon:Vaccine type

    Fresh:Sauromon a dinosaur type digimon that resembles a Botamon only covered in scales.

    In-training:DemiVelomon a dinosaur type digimon that resembles a small raptor with small patches of micro feathers.

    Rookie:Velomon a dinosaur type digimon with a slight resemblance to Agumon…

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