This is a post of my fan made character for Digimon



Description:Sam is a kind gentle and headstrong person his life changed when he met his partner digimon Velomon after finding his Digi-egg in section of a tech museum Sam wears a red sports jacket navy coloured jeans white trainers and a shirt with the welsh dragon on it he felt weak and afraid when he thought he was going to lose Velomon during a Bullmon stampede in the digital world.

Digimon:Vaccine type

Fresh:Sauromon a dinosaur type digimon that resembles a Botamon only covered in scales.

In-training:DemiVelomon a dinosaur type digimon that resembles a small raptor with small patches of micro feathers.

Rookie:Velomon a dinosaur type digimon with a slight resemblance to Agumon except thinner and more streamlined with patches of feathers a courageous digimon who follows a pack mentality and will defend his pack his trademark attack is Raptor Strike where he fires small fire balls at rapid speed.

Champion:Velocimon a dinosaur type digimon with large claws fangs and equipped with a turbo booster on his back Velocimon speed rivals that of digimon like Garurumon and Aquillamon his trademark attack is Pack Attack where his afterburners accelerate Velocimon so much he creates afterimages that strike with brute force.

Ultimate:Cybervelocimon a cyborg type digimon designed to be the fastest cyborg digimon after metalgarurumon the feathers on his arms were modified to become chrome digizoid blades being almost cybernetic Cybervelocimon is susceptible to electric attacks and virus that target machinery his trademark attacks are Cyber Impact where he becomes a living rocket and Raptor Blade.

Mega:Primalmon an ancient man digimon he resembles Merukimon the only difference is he wears the pelt of a Sabreleomon and is equipped with a sword made from Skullmammothmon bone and a shield made of Archelomon shell his strength is unmatched but as he's light on armour he relies on his reflexes and speed to avoid serious damage but isn't afraid to get in close his trademark attacks are Primal Blade where his sword is engulfed in flames and Ancient Rally Cry where he will power up his allies through a empowering roar Primalmon will always protect his friends even if it means taking a fatal blow.

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