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  • William.lederman

    I bellowed as a dark figure came to me. He coudn't be a witch. He and a small DRAGON were walking. My wish was still in my mind "Could he be the end result"I thought. I stumbled up to my feet. I was in a jungle. He had black hair and a jacket with flames on it. "Your finnaly awake huh" said a voice

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  • William.lederman

    Digmon Emporor

    October 18, 2013 by William.lederman

    Diamond Emporium was Maimonides Controllable in Diamond but was destroyed by Mammon like Stall and Animator.

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  • William.lederman

    Digmon Advenure 04 is a fictional Youtube Series. Here it goes!Cari is in the digiworld when she and Gatomon find Augomon X a War Monziemon Cari and Gatomon megere to Fayrimon and later fighting Galentmon she and Caulmon became nicemon by Farymon.

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