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V-Tamer 01
ch 37
List of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 chapters 37
VS Omegamon ④ Dragon Impulse
VS (バーサス)オメガモン④ ドラゴンインパルス
(Bāsasu Omegamon ④ Doragon Inparusu)
Publisher Shueisha
Release date (Ja:) November 21, 2001
Written by Hiroshi Izawa
Art Ten'ya Yabuno

Knowing he has no attacks left, Taichi decides to use "Dragon Impulse", which, to his surprise, defeats Omnimon with one shot. However, Hideto splits Omnimon back into Warg and Melga, and plans to do "Infinite DNA Digivolution" like Neo. However, to his surprise, they refuse. Taichi then informs him that Omnimon did not try to move when he was attacked, and that since he cannot understand them he is not their Tamer. Remembering that he ignored Neo's suggestion of deleting them, he realizes that it was because of that that they DNA digivolved to Omegamon. As he realizes his mistakes, Taichi turns to Zero, who is now unconscious.

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