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Vajramon b
Level Ultimate
Type (Ja:) Holy Beast
(En:) Exalted Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms Zanbamon[1]
Voice actors (Ja:) Unshou Ishizuka (Tamers)
(En:) Michael McConnohie (Tamers)
Cards (Ja:) St-804, Bo-998, Dα-589

Vajramon is an Exalted Beast Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Vajra. It is the "Ox" Deva, and serves the Digimon Sovereign Ebonwumon. As a follower of Ebonwumon, it is a seeker of truth who is aiming for detachment from material and emotional concerns. Its warrior-like personality values honor, and loathes cowardice and effeminacy. With the most well-tempered physical strength among the Deva, it can easily wield its giant twin Deva Blades (宝劍 Bǎo Jiàn?, lit. "Treasure Sword") that it carries on its waist.[2]

Digimon Tamers

Main article: Vajramon (Tamers)

Digimon Fusion

Several Vajramon practice their sword techniques the Sword Zone. They are attacked by the Bagra Army and bear witness to the Fusion Fighters' triumph over the Bagra Army's Sword Zone commander, Grademon. Fall of the Final Code Crown

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Vajramon digivolves from Musyamon at LV 35 with 160 defence and 3700 beast exp and can digivolve further into Zanbamon or Boltmon. It appears in the Thiller Ruins section of Transfield.


  • Terra Blade (Rodha):[3] Uses its forefeet and upper body to strike the ground with its twin Deva Blades, generating fissures that extend up to 50 meters ahead of it and hurl out rocks as the shock waves erupt from underground, which inflicts damage on those nearby.
  • Deva Blade (宝劍 Bǎo Jiàn?, lit. "Treasure Sword"):[4] Crosses the Deva Blades and fires an energy beam at the opponent.

Notes and references

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  4. The symbol used in Digimon materials is 剣 ( Tsurugi?, lit. "Sword"), but it is pronounced Jiàn, indicating that it is used as an approximation of the Chinese word 劍 ( Jiàn?, lit. "Sword") which does not exist in Japanese.

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