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Velgemon is a Giant Bird Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Hræsvelgr. It possesses power over Darkness which bears the might of AncientSphinxmon. It has the appearance of a monstrous, colossal bird, and due to its baleful appearance and nature it is called the "Corpse Swallower". It transforms from Duskmon into fine particles, then comes flying out of a sky shrouded by the massive black fog they became. The intensely proud Duskmon hates transforming into the ugly, irrational Velgemon, so it doesn't show its Velgemon appearance unless under extreme circumstances. In normal battles, its main tools of combat are its claws which have a tendency to blind the opponent, and its fangs which can crunch even metal.[6]

Digimon Frontier

Main article: Velgemon (Frontier)


  • Dark Obliteration (Zone Deleter): Flaps its wings with all its power, blowing away the opponent and all of the space around them to another dimension.
  • Dark Vortex (Master of Darkness): Changes the opponent's nature to darkness and manipulates them to its heart's content.

Notes and references

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