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Warning, Cuteness! The Cute Hunter Airu's Traps!
(Kawaisa Yōchūi! Kyūto Hantā, Airu no Wana!)
Airdate (Ja:) October 30, 2011
Toei Animation

Airu tries to hunt Cutemon.


In the Real World, kids are enjoying themselves at Fancy Shop when things suddenly go haywire. Someone in the crowd then says "Time Shift!" and the store is taken into the DigiQuartz. Hunter Airu Suzaki checks on her traps, which contain various Digimon in them. Opossummon tells her it is a big catch, and Ren Tobari and Ryouma Mogami complement on her excellent Digimon traps. Airu thinks that they aren't cute, so leaves the two boys to have all of them. Ren complains about how they spent days hunting them, but Ryouma tells him that her style is hunting cute Digimon.

In the real world, Ewan Amano is wondering how he will be able to meet Damemon again. Mikey Kudo tells him to lighten up, and Tagiru Akashi teases him if he choked on his food, stole someone's food or scavenged for it. One of Ewan's admirers hits Tagiru in the head, and they get into a heated conversation. One of the other girls then finds a cute plushie, and all of the girls are attracted to it. Ewan recognizes it, as it is Cutemon. Tagiru drags Mikey away and asks him if it was his Digimon, and he nods to it. Shoutmon contacts Mikey, apologizing to him, and Dorulumon tells him that they were distracted and didn't notice Cutemon run away, also telling him that he wanted to cure Ewan of his sadness. Airu then spots Cutemon and wants to have him.

In the park, Ewan asks Cutemon why he came out, and Cutemon explains to him that he just couldn't stand watching him being lonely. Mikey suggests that Ewan put Cutemon in his Fusion Loader, and Cutemon decides to stay with him until he becomes happy again. Meanwhile, in Airu's house, she is making a trap to capture Cutemon. Back at the park, Tagiru wonders what Cutemon can do, and Mikey explains it to him. He then explains how Ewan lost his partner during the war which would decide the Digital World's future, and Tagiru decides to go with Ewan to cheer him up. Shoutmon suggests that he shouldn't go, but Mikey tells him that he has his own way of caring for him. Mikey then goes to the Fancy Store to check out the incident.

At Ewan's apartment, Tagiru, Cutemon and Gumdramon are amazed at Ewan's house. Ewan tells them that his family is traveling abroad, and that his sister, Nene Amano is in Hong Kong being an idol. Ewan prepares dinner for them, and after he is finished, stares out the window thinking of Damemon. Tagiru, Gumdramon and Cutemon fall asleep quickly. A few hours later, Cutemon wakes up, and then wakes up Tagiru and Gumdramon. They realize that they failed to cheer Ewan up, and try to find him. Tagiru is unable to find him, and Cutemon begins to start crying.

Gumdramon picks up Ewan's scent and the three begin to follow him. Meanwhile, Ewan is at the park where he first met Damemon, and asks him for help. A spark then appears, and Airu is behind him. Opossummon throws an explosive balloon at him, and then Airu uses Time Shift to drag Ewan into DigiQuartz. Tagiru notices this and Time Shifts into DigiQuartz. Ewan is running from Airu when he hits one of her traps. Cutemon spots them, and Opossummon doesn't like him since he's taking away Airu's love from him.

Cutemon hits Opossummon, and then unintentionally heals him. Opossummon retaliates by throwing another explosive balloon, and Ewan puts Cutemon back into his Fusion Loader. Airu then snaps her fingers, flowing electricity through the net. Gumdramon then saves them, so Airu DigiFuses Opossummon and Candlemon, which explodes. It leaves a smoldering crater, and Airu is furious when she finds that the boys escaped from her.

The next day, Wisemon tells Mikey that an Opossummon ran wild in the Fancy Shop. When he went around to look for evidence, he found signs of explosives and traps. Tagiru asks Ewan why he went to the park, and Ewan stammers. Mikey suggests that he should return Cutemon to him. Ewan tries to reload Cutemon but finds out that he isn't in the Fusion Loader, so the three go try to look for Cutemon.

Cutemon knows something was at the park, and believes that it might be a way to revive Damemon. He runs to the park, but is captured by Airu. The three pursue her, but Opossummon throws his balloons at them, and when the smoke clears, Ren and Ryouma are waiting for them. Ryouma digivolves Psychemon, so Mikey and Tagiru digivolve theirs. Mikey then asks Tagiru to save Cutemon, so Tagiru follows Ewan.

Somewhere else in the park, Airu tells Cutemon to go into the Fusion Loader, otherwise she would have to beat him up. After Cutemon refuses to go into her Fusion Loader, Airu digivolves Opossummon into Cho Hakkaimon, and Airu gives Cutemon one more chance before she has Cho Hakkaimon beat him up and send him in her Fusion Loader. As Cho Hakkaimon is about to attack, Arresterdramon headbutts her, and she retaliates by attacking him back. Tagiru tells Ewan to stop spacing out, but Ewan then tells him that at the memorable place was where he first met Damemon. He then tells him that if he went back there, he would see him again, and acted bashful to him because of how Tagiru acted like if hunting was a game, since Ewan's feelings of the Digital World being a game ended up killing Damemon. Tagiru then tells Ewan that it is a game, and that helping Digimon would kill two birds with one stone.

Cho Hakkaimon knocks Arresterdramon and chases after Cutemon, who is running away from her. Ewan decides to save Cutemon, and the balloon Cutemon is tied on bursts. As Cho Hakkaimon is about to get Cutemon, Arresterdramon restrains her, but she easily pushes him aside. Airu then tells her to get them, otherwise she would be strange, so she shoots a beam of energy at Ewan. As Ewan and Cutemon are hit, Ewan hears Damemon's voice and Damemon appears, telling Ewan that he was waiting for this day. The two have a tearful reunion.

Tagiru and Airu remark on Damemon's apperance. Damemon suggests to Ewan to digivolve him to Tuwarmon,as he was revived as Damemon instead of Tsuwamon, so he does so. Ewan commands Tsuwamon to use Mantis Dust, and pushes Cho Hakkaimon back. Cho Hakkaimon then notices the traps and they become activated, restraining Tuwarmon. She then attacks Tuwarmon, impaling him, but Tuwarmon uses a body switch technique, stunning her and Airu. Tuwarmon then uses Wind of the Wave God technique to activate Airu's other traps, which restrain her and Cho Hakkaimon.

Ewan then releases the ropes, and Airu leaves with Opossummon. At the school rooftop, Mikey congratulates Ewan for getting Damemon back. Ewan thanks Tagiru, Gumdramon and Cutemon for allowing him to get Damemon back. Tagiru tells Ewan that he should be his apprentice, but Damemon tells them that if they had trouble with Cho-Hakkiamon, they aren't any good. An enraged Tagiru and Gumdramon chase Ewan and Damemon, and Mikey and Shoutmon look on. Meanwhile, at Airu's house, she pokes a needle of a doll that looks like Ewan, and Opossummon tries to calm her down. -->

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh Rookie Champion Ultimate Armor Xros


6-59 Analyzer-01 JP

Opossummon Suzaki Airu
6-59 Analyzer-02 JP

Tobari Ren  Mogami Ryouma
6-59 Analyzer-03 JP

6-59 Analyzer-04 JP


6-59 Analyzer-05 JP

6-59 Analyzer-06 JP

6-59 Analyzer-07 JP


Digimon Introduction Corner

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Opossummon 1

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Opossummon 2

DigimonIntroductionCorner-Opossummon 3

Type: Beast
Special Moves
Mad Balloon Bomb
Clockmon: "Opossummon! A cute Digimon whose trademark is its colorful balloons!"
Old Clock Shop Man: "It attacks by detonating its balloons as Mad Balloon Bombs!"
Tagiru: "All right, DigiXros with Cutemon! DigiXros!"
Tagiru: "Huh? She got away!"
Cutemon: "Where did she go?!"
Airu: "Don't use someone else's Digimon like that!"


Opossummon 1 XrosUpOpossummon 2 Opossummon 6 Cho Hakkaimon 8 Opossummon
Opossummon t Arrow R.png 6-59 XrosUpOpossummon Arrow R Red.png Opossummon t Arrow R.png Cho Hakkaimon t Arrow R Red.png Opossummon t
(w/ Candlemon)
Candlemon 1 XrosUpOpossummon
Candlemon t Arrow R.png 6-59 XrosUpOpossummon
(w/ Opossummon)
Psychemon 3 Astamon
Psychemon t Arrow R.png Astamon t
Shoutmon 4 OmniShoutmon 9 Shoutmon
Shoutmon (Hunters) t Arrow R.png OmniShoutmon t Arrow R Red.png Shoutmon (Hunters) t
Gumdramon 5 Arresterdramon 9 Gumdramon
Gumdramon t Arrow R.png Arresterdramon t Arrow R Red.png Gumdramon t
Damemon 7 Tuwarmon 9 Damemon
Damemon (Hunters) t Arrow R.png Tuwarmon (Hunters) t Arrow R Red.png Damemon (Hunters) t


Damemon: "But if you had so much trouble with an opponent like that, you're no good!"

—Damemon declining Tagiru's offer having Ewan being his apprentice.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • Cutemon complains that he can't use any offensive techniques, despite having used "Ultrasonic Wave" in "Final Fusion - The Fight For Earth!".
  • Ewan has both Cutemon and Damemon out of his Fusion Loader at the same time, despite the fact a Hunter can only reload one Digimon at a time.

Digimon references

  • Cutemon acts like a stuffed animal to prevent anyone else from realizing he was alive, just like Terriermon in Digimon Tamers.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The commercial break ends with a shot of Ren and Dracmon.