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Wisemon b
Level Ultimate
Type Demon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Debut St-878: Wisemon
DigiFuse forms DigiFuse Chart
Partners Fusion Fighters/United Army
Voice actors (Ja:) Show Hayami (Xros Wars)
(En:) Dan Woren, Steve Kramer (Fusion)
Cards (Ja:) St-878, Bo-1004

Wisemon is a Demon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological "Wise" men. A Digimon completely shrouded in mystery, it can appear anywhere in time and space via the Book. Treating the Book as a spiritual vessel, it frequently alters its shape to appear anywhere within the spaces and times which the Book has connected, and it is said that its true form remains within a separate dimension. Among researchers it is rumored that it is in the same family as Piedmon, and of the same Demon Man type. The Space-time Stones it holds in its hands are able to playback a record of a space, preserving every event or object of the Digital World within space and time.[1]

Digimon Fusion

Main article: Wisemon (Fusion)


  • Pandora Dialogue: Repeatedly preserves the opponent's attacks within space and time, then plays them back at high speed.
  • Eternal Nirvana: Imprisons the opponent within the Space-time Stones for an eternity.

Notes and references

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