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The Xros Wars (巡り合いの戦い (クロスウォーズ) Meguriai no Tatakai (Kurosu Wōzu)?, lit. "Battles of Crossed-paths")[1] is a war for the dominance of the Digital World in Digimon Fusion.

In this war, each army is led by a General, who is usually a human with a Fusion Loader, and most armies seek the Code Crown of each Zone, which allows its owner to reformat the Digital World.

Notes and references

  1. When Bagramon says the war's name in "Xros Stars!! Like a Shooting Star!!" [18], the name is mistakenly written as 巡り合い (クロスウォーズ) ( Meguriai (Kurosu Wōzu)?, lit. "Crossed-paths"), with の戦い ( no Tatakai?, lit. "Battles of") as a separate word.

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